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Totally Tubular Thomas avatar 3:08 AM on 08.11.2008  (server time)
So I just Finished Braid


I'm just going to say it outright, the ending was completely incomprehensible to me. Rewinding time with the princess was unbelievably awesome, but I still don't understand what it all meant. Was the castle and saving the princess all a fabrication of Tim's mind or did it exist as some kind of metaphor to something in his life? Why were there unreadable books in the epilogue level? Do they become readable once you collect the stars?

Apart from all these questions I was left with, I must say, Braid was an absolute visual and aural delight. From the haunting beauty of the title screen, the game never failed to impress me as I went from world to world. As a cello player myself, the music to me resounded perfectly with game play and atmosphere. If you've finished the game, tell me what you thought about it and the ending.

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