Name: Thomas
Location: Eudlo, Australia
Age: 17

I play any game I can get my hands on, but I have a very short attention span for them.

Some of my favorite games are:

Half Life 2
Metal Slug Series
Gears of War
Guitar Hero Series
Odin Sphere
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!
Super Smash Bros Series
Elite Beat Agents and Ouendan

I'm also trying to develop a taste for retro games, but it often takes more patience than I'm capable of. I joined this site to meet like-minded gamers, so if you want to hear another Australian on Xbox Live or hear bullshit stories about kangaroo riding, add me.

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I don't own a not R4. I don't use it to store non-backups of games that I don't not illegally own (okay enough, whoever can decifer the pentuple negatives in that sentence wins an internet). Basically it comes down to this. I am a very poor 17 year old gamer. The only games I can afford generally are either used games or very old cheap games. It also doesn't help that Australians get absolutely raped by the ridiculous pricings here. This means that any hypothetical new game that I may download for my DS would have either been a used copy if I had bought it or not a copy at all.

This is what presents the ethical dilemma. Should I support the used games industry that leads to profits lost by the game developers or is that simply the equivalent to them as piracy? Either way, the game devs would not have seen a penny. What are the D-toid community's opinions on this matter?

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