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Passions in life - games, music and the combination / creation of the two. Doing a lot of videogame music covers, mainly rockin'!

Spent super much time as a "competitive" FPS gamer, like this. Lost the motivation though and found the work/time/headache to fun/reward ratio to be really messed up, so quit that right before newyears '09. Back to the roots - fun games for pure enjoyment! Mega Man fo' lyfe.

Will never forget you, RetroforceGO!

(...That's irc.quakenet.org now!)
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4:19 PM on 02.27.2011

Thanks for the heads-up! Been playing the snot out of this game all weekend and it has been glorious. No idea how many hours I clocked in what was technically just two sittings, but my Soldier is level 22 so far.

Aside from some lag issues (for which I can't really blame them; userbase really skyrocketed this week and they've been working hard on it) it's so much fun. Everyone I've talked to and "partied" with so far has been super nice and helpful, and the game is... not for everyone, but sure as hell is for me. :)

Quickie (gotta get back to playing!) -

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