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Passions in life - games, music and the combination / creation of the two. Doing a lot of videogame music covers, mainly rockin'!

Spent super much time as a "competitive" FPS gamer, like this. Lost the motivation though and found the work/time/headache to fun/reward ratio to be really messed up, so quit that right before newyears '09. Back to the roots - fun games for pure enjoyment! Mega Man fo' lyfe.

Will never forget you, RetroforceGO!

(...That's irc.quakenet.org now!)
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3:32 AM on 10.08.2012

Back in action after a number of months with a fried computer and overheating modem / cancelled internet connection. What better way to celebrate the new beast of a computer and connection than... ...playing single player retro & relatively simple 2D indie games?

Currently hooked on FTL: Faster Than Light which I still haven't managed to beat on Normal but am having a blast with on Easy in which really exciting and close games are being had. |Spoiler| You win some, you lose some. |/Spoiler| While I've unlocked a bunch of ships and my current favorite by far is the Federation Cruiser, I've been desperately trying to unlock the Mantis Cruiser but had no luck in even getting that quest so far.

And speaking of the Mantis and why having a proper computer again is nice, I whipped up a cover of their theme (Battle version) the other day. It has some interesting rhythms that I felt would be fun to play on guitar. The composer liked it so that made me happy!


Before that though, and following a coincidental space theme, I put together a cover of Stand Up Against Myself from good ol' Thunder Force IV. It was my first project on the new PC (after overdosing on Skyrim at eye candy settings for a week or two) and it sure is nice to be able to work on stuff without BSODs and constant CPU choking. Have at you!

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Three hours in, 2012 is feeling good so far. As things were exploding outside, I did something loosely related. Again, happy new year y'all!

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12:50 PM on 10.14.2011

Not a single comment or fap on the Mystic Quest cover the other day; I can take a hint... *sniffle*.

But I dun' wanna! Stumbled across this last night while looking at other Pinball-related stuff on YouTube and nostalgia'd all over. Definitely not that long ago since I played the game, but not only is the music turned off by default; normally no sound at all is preferred for... discretion. Hrm.

Anyway, hope ye likes.


Juuust got done with this one, came out alright I think! I remember it as if it was yesterday that NukaCola did his drum cover. Maybe not everyone's absolute favorite Final Fantasy game but it's got some pretty rocking tunes; there's at least one more really metal one I'd like to cover sometime :)

Anyway! Hope ye likes.


You best believe it took a while to sit and listen out each and every one of these roughly five billion delicious TurboGrafx-16 notes (and then figure out what to do with them all). Quite happy with how it turned out in the end!

As I've already told Chad; I constantly had his high regard for this game (as expressed on RFGO) in the back of my head from the moment I got the link to the original soundtrack, so even though I hadn't played it myself I had that "this game is amazing, I'm so motivated to do my best tribute!" feeling while working on the cover. Of course, the game is amazing as I've now confirmed (please "enjoy" my first time playing it in the video, heh) and I'll absolutely be playing it some more for all the cool bonus stages etc that I've seen on reviews and stuff.

But man, the music in this. I'd play a lot more pinball games if Devil's Crush was the norm :)

Anyway, hope ye likes.

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7STWQiOXfCQ, video embedding gone / how out of the loop am I?)

4:19 PM on 02.27.2011

Thanks for the heads-up! Been playing the snot out of this game all weekend and it has been glorious. No idea how many hours I clocked in what was technically just two sittings, but my Soldier is level 22 so far.

Aside from some lag issues (for which I can't really blame them; userbase really skyrocketed this week and they've been working hard on it) it's so much fun. Everyone I've talked to and "partied" with so far has been super nice and helpful, and the game is... not for everyone, but sure as hell is for me. :)

Quickie (gotta get back to playing!) -