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Torzelan's blog

4:41 AM on 08.08.2008

Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta released

Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta is the eleventh free, fan-arranged album by the incredibly talented people at OverClocked ReMix. Eleven artists, two years, thirteen tracks are the stats as far as I gather. I'm actually not even don...   read

2:12 AM on 07.19.2008

On Diablo 3 Art

I know I'm late with this, but really didn't have time earlier and still feel like having something said. (Because this is The Internet and Here We Have Opinions!) So. Diablo 3. Excited? I am. And I might aswell have this ...   read

7:59 PM on 06.12.2008

TFTuesday Through the Scope

Got two of these longsleeves today. That logo is so cool. Anyway, played some Team Fortress 2 this Tuesday and just felt like making a little movie about it today. Since it wasn't exactly a huge project i...   read

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