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Topher Cantler avatar 5:41 PM on 01.20.2009  (server time)
An afternoon at Destructoid headquarters

Believe it or not, blogging all day can become tiresome. How does the staff here at Dtoid relieve stress? By doing suff like this. Below: An email chain, started by a friendly note from a developer and spiralling into mayhem shortly thereafter. Enjoy.

Michael to tips@destructoid:
Hey guys,

Thanks for the solid review of Cuboid for PSN. Just wanted to let you know that we also published the game, in addition to developing it with our partner, TikGames.


Joe Burling to Jim Sterling, tips:
Forwarding to reviews manager

Jim Sterling to Brad Nicholson, tips, etc:
Thankies, and also making sure our reviewer sees it.

Nick Chester to Grrlaction, tips, etc:
Adding my wife because I feel left out of this whole "including one more person in an email chain" thing.

Adam Dork to Anthony Burch, tips, etc:
Anthony hasn't seen this...

Anthony Burch to Aaron Linde, Adam, tips, etc:
Adding Linde.

Nick Chester to [email protected], tips, etc:
Adding ALF.

ALF to Nick Chester, tips, etc:
That's not my email.

Joe Burling to Mrs. Burling, tips, etc:
I'm copying my mom on this as well...

Jonathan Holmes to Mrs. Holmes, tips, etc:
Added my mom as well.

Joe Burling to Mrs. Holmes, tips, etc:

Topher Cantler to [email protected], tips, etc:
Adding Voltron.

Jim Sterling to Mrs. Sterling, Hal, Leo, Aaron, etc:
Adding my wife, Hal Halpin, Aaron Linde for a second time, and my friend who is a musician.

Brad Rice to [email protected], tips, etc:
Adding Kamina.

Adam Dork to Samit Sarkar, tips, etc:
Adding Samit because he likes the PS3!

Jim Sterling to Wardrox, tips, etc:
Wardrox likes the PS3 too, I'll make sure he's added.

Samit Sarkar to Phist, tips, etc:
I think Phist wants to buy a PS3 ... eventually.

Aaron Linde to Aaron Linde, tips, etc:
Adding my old Hotmail box.

Adam Dork to Niero, tips, etc:
Niero might like to hear the good news about one of our reviews...

Topher Cantler to Stella, [email protected], [email protected], etc:
Adding Stella, Rip Taylor, and the PS3, as it is the console in question.

Jim Sterling to tips, etc:
Taking Hal off so he doesn't kill me.

Topher Cantler to Mail delivery subsystem ,tips, etc:
Adding mailer daemon, as he keeps barging in on the conversation anyway.

Brad Nicholson to Estee, tips, etc:
Adding my girlfriend because she needs to know this information.

Jim Sterling to Jack Thompson, tips, etc: (Editor's note: Yes, really.)
Adding Jack Thompson.

Alex Manuel to tips, etc:
Adding Louis & Bill & Zoey & Francis.

Topher Cantler to Scott Reynolds, tips, etc:
Adding Scott Reynolds, because he is my favorite singer.

Jonathan Ross to Dexter, Tactix, tips, etc:
Adding Dexter and Tactix.

Joe Burling to Steve, Bill, tips, etc:
Adding Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates, but I don't think they like the PS3 so much...

Jack Thompson to Topher Cantler:
What is this bull crap about?

Topher Cantler to Jack Thompson:
Got me. People are strange.

Jack Thompson to Topher Cantler:
No, this crap is coming from your site, and it had better stop, in light of the security breach you all had.

Dexter345 to tips, etc:
What's up?

Jonathan Ross to Dexter, tips, etc:
The real question is, what's up with you?

Alex Manuel to Nathan, tips, etc:
Adding Nathan Scott Phillips. He's my best friend.

Dexter345 to Alex, tips, etc:
Right. I apparently missed the original quoting. Can I add somebody too? I know tons of people who would be interested in Creat's opinion on Destructoid's review of Cuboid.

Brad Nicholson to Brad, tips, etc:
Adding Brad Nicholson because he forgot to add a publisher

Topher Cantler to [email protected]:
Removing everyone.

Nick Chester to Topher, tips:

Samit Sarkar to Topher, Nick, tips:

Dale North to Samit, tips, etc:
Ading to spam database.

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