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Too Much Coffee Man's blog

7:16 AM on 01.13.2009

13 month xbox Live card $30 @WM: update

This deal has come and gone twice since Sat. has added new stock and kept the price at $30 ($29.82) for the time being. has sold out after their monday $30 deal. No telling when they'll raise the price again or how long their stock will last this time.   read

2:29 AM on 01.11.2009

Ninja Gaiden 2 $10 @ BB

Ninja Gaiden 2 is $10 today at and Best Buy's brick & mortar stores. Ninja Gaiden II - Xbox 360 $9.99 Great price if you were holding off on getting this game. It's tons of fun if you can get used to the camera angle system. Also, if you missed it before; 13 Months xbox Live for $30 (wal-mart deal has expired but will have it at that price starting 12AM PST Monday)   read

9:02 AM on 01.10.2009

13 month xbox Live card $30

Heads up for those bargain hunters (who seem to be growing by the day in this economy). has the 13 month XBL Gold card for $29.99 w/ free ship to store, or a $1 ship to you. Xbox Live 13 Month Gold Card $29.99...   read

9:08 PM on 12.03.2008

GTA4 PC is a disaster

So Rock* using SecuROM was expected as it was reported on prior to release. But now that the game's out the extent of the DRM headache is beginning to come into focus. *Must install Rockstar Social Club program & keep it ...   read

6:00 AM on 10.04.2008

SEGA making a new handheld??

UK tech site is reporting SEGA is working on a new handheld to rival the PSP. Named the "SEGA Vision"; it's being labeled as a media device, capable of: * Live TV (built in TV tuner) * Video playback ...   read

9:35 PM on 09.24.2008

What is this countdown?

So on the front page of is a countdown in the lower right corner, under the letters ERR. It's currently (at the time of this posting) at 11 hours 30 odd minutes and counting down. The center of the screen has a...   read

11:59 PM on 09.14.2008

the Large Hadron Collider explained in a rap song. Also, how you're going to die. (NVGR)

So, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months you've heard of the Large Hadron Collider. The experiment that's supposed to help solve the biggest mysteries of how the universe works & how it was formed. ...   read

4:56 PM on 09.06.2008

How to get a Mr. Destructoid Sackboy into Little Big Planet

Media Molecule is holding a contest to add three designs to the final game. They'll be taking entries from anyone. One from the U.S., one from Europe, & one from Japan will be picked & added to the final game. Now it doe...   read

3:54 PM on 09.05.2008

360 DLC goes on Sale

Some select titles are going on sale (until the end of October). According to Major Nelson's blog Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Forza 2, Oblivion, Guitar Hero 3, & Beautiful Katamari DLC will be getting sale prices. If i did...   read

2:57 AM on 08.30.2008

Gears of War 2 not coming to PC, ever.

In a conversation regarding Gears 1 achievements (360 & PC) unlocking content in Gears 2; Cliff Bleszinski revealed that unlike Gears 1, Gears 2 will not be getting a PC version later. "Cliff: You can unlock these characte...   read

11:56 PM on 08.28.2008

Little Big Planet gets final box art: U.S. vs U.K.; Also All pre-order bonus details revealed (what, where & how to get)

The final U.S. box art has been released. How does it compare to the U.K.'s box art? Which box art reigns supreme? U.S. U.K. Also, more pre-order bonuses were revealed is offering the "LittleBigPlanet Creat...   read

10:18 PM on 08.11.2008

UK gets 60GB 360 for £199 : Sign of impending U.S. price cut?

A sign of things to come? MS has announced that on August 15 the 60GB Xbox 360 will go on sale in the UK for £199.99. This is the same price as the old 20GB model which is being phased out. Which probably means the 20GB w...   read

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