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Tony Ponce avatar 5:43 PM on 11.10.2009  (server time)
I'm in a Nostalgia Critic video!

The first annual Infinite Bits convention was a huge success. A lot of awesome went down that weekend. Many big names swung on by, including Douglas Walker a.k.a. The Nostalgia Critic. At the end of his panel, he invited whoever was bold enough to visit his hotel room that evening for some nighttime shenanigans.

No, not those kinds of shenanigans! The "come be in one of my awesome videos" kind!

Doug was filming an episode of Video Game Confessions, a spin-off series starring Dominic, a bartender at an upscale restaurant frequented by famous faces in the gaming community. Stars like Mario, Sonic, and Lara croft have spilled some of their deepest, darkest, and most disgusting secrets under the mistaken impression that Dominic respects confidentiality.

For this episode, cosplayers posed as their in-game counterparts while attendees sans costumes posed as close friends of video game icons. The guests were given free reign to improvise with Doug only suggesting minor direction changes. We've got Frank West (mistakenly credited as Fred West), Mr. Game & Watch, the Green Ranger, and more.

Rocking Ashley Davis's bodacious Become T-shirt (Destructoid plug!), I appear a little after the halfway mark on behalf of my dear friend Mega Man. It has been forever since I've seen myself captured on film so I don't know what to make of my performance. I'm confident in declaring that everyone else rocked the joint to hell and back!

Of course, Egoraptor has to come in and upstage everyone, the douche! Naw, I'm joking! He's a great guy, and his Little Mac is phenomenal! Everyone was phenomenal! It was so much fun and we all had some good laughs, tripping over our words and fucking up the takes. Doug is amazing and it is so cool that he would go to such lengths for his fans.

You can catch the video right here.

As a bonus, I snapped a few behind-the-scenes photos of the filming. Please ignore the bright-ass light spots.

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