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Tonich avatar 1:45 AM on 05.06.2014  (server time)
Ten things about Tonich

aka That Crazy Russian Who's Spamming Russia-Related Comments. :))
Actually, I've just published a cblog but I just can't help participating. So here we go!

1. Nice to meet you!

Here I am. 29, and I still play in a rock band (if you're interested you can check our debut EP here). Before you ask, no, I don't plan on growing up anytime soon. :)

2. I haven't cut my hair since I turned 17.
Not really something record-breaking, I know, but I'm still rather proud of it. 

3. I don't consume alcohol.
Despite this being a common stereotype about Russians, there are quite a few people like me out there. But still, we are in the minority. I love tea though - which is another stereotype, and in my case it is true.

4. I love my hometown of Nizhniy Novgorod.

A lot of my friends either move or wish they could move to Moscow, but I just can't leave my hometown behind. I even do guided tours around it to English-speaking tourists as a part-time job. So if you ever find yourself here, give me a call. :)

5. I learned English by playing video games.
Well, actually a attended a secondary school with a really great English curriculum, but it was my NES that really helped me boost my vocabulary. Games are still a major factor in keeping my English skills in shape.

6. I don't have a TV so both of my consoles are hooked to a PC monitor.
I've got neither spare money nor room in my tiny flat for a TV, so I play my X360 and PS2 (yep, still got it, still play it sometimes) on the PC monitor. 

7. I came to Destructoid after playing Deadly Premonition.

There was a "10/10 by Destructoid" stamp on the cover. I really, really loved the game but I wondered how any sane reviewer could go and give it a 10/10. Guess "sane" wasn't the word to describe Jim Sterling. :)

8. I've been reading Destructoid for over two years.
But it's been only a year since I registered and I've only recently started writing cblogs. Talk about lazy and procrastinating.

9. I love video game music.
Especially from Japanese composers. I think Nobuo Uematsu is my favourite one - he really is the John Williams of video gaming world. And last year's OverClocked Remix of FFVI was one of the most wonderful musical impressions for me. So thanks to D-toid for leading me to it!

10. I would love to compose music for a video game or to work on translating a game into Russian.
Or both.

And there's 11: I don't know why I've written this all. But thanks to anyone who stopped to read it. :)

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