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So it's that time again. Spike TV's peddling their Video Game Awards show and naturally, there's conversations buzzing about on your social networking site of choice, including here on Destructoid. I've talked about the VGAs at length before, such as this Dtoid Cblog from last year, and within those 350 or so days since I wrote that blog, my opinion has not changed. The Video Game Awards are terrible, and nobody should be watching them.

I understand that video game award shows are considerably younger than the Grammys or the Emmys or even the Oscars. But it shouldn't mean we have to put up with the mediocrity of the VGAs. Is it seriously that hard to make a respectable award show without having to resort to D-list celebs and gamer nerd stereotypes to get viewers? Granted, asking for a "classy video game awards show" might be too much to ask, considering that the average gamer tends to be somewhere in their teens to twenties.

Either way, I think the only reason any of us should bother watching the VGAs is to see the trailers for the surprises they might show, like that Bioware game announcement and Batman: Arkham City. Even then, those trailers will pop up on GameTrailers (or YouTube) an hour after it airs on the East Coast, giving you one less reason to watch that silly awards show.

Maybe it would be entertaining to watch if I get drunk during the proceedings. Maybe I should buy a six pack of beer and chug along as I wade through the horrible jokes and nerd gamer stereotypes to see the trailer to some game I might be interested in. In fact, this gives me an idea: The Video Game Awards drinking game! If you see them perpetuate a gamer nerd stereotype, take a shot. If your nominees are slanted towards one game or publisher, take a shot. If you see Sarah Silverman badgering the audience, chug the damn bottle. Anyone else wanna help me with this one? :P

(on an unrelated note: Oh hey, when the Dtoid revert revamp happened, I lost my MW2 retrospective blog. Oh well, I'll repost that on here later.)

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