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TonicBH avatar 8:12 PM on 08.24.2011
PAX mofuggers (shortblog)

So PAX is two days away. But tomorrow I'm hopping on an Amtrak train one day early, just so I can hit the early pre-PAX events and chill with bros.

Might as well use this old-ass pic.

This will be my third year to PAX, and this time I'm better prepared than the last two years. No longer am I walking through dangerous city streets just to get back to my hotel. Now with my hotel being a mere few blocks away from the convention center, I can stay at damn parties 'til 2-3AM and still get back in time to sleep without worrying about bus schedules. (Still should've gotten a driver's license and a car, though.)

Also, since I decided to join the modern kids club and get a smartphone, it'll be 1,000x easier to get around the place. Seriously. Last year was hell for me as I had to borrow the PC section just to find out where Dtoid events where since I had an old-ass flip phone that could barely text, let alone get the internet.

If you're going to the Dtoid PAX events or roaming around the convention center, look for this schmuck right here and say hi.

Trust me, I'm a nice guy once you get me started on silly things like Team Fortress hats and talking about how Harmonix is crazy for giving us songs by Fall Out Boy and Stone Sour instead of a They Might Be Giants 40-pack. If you're not going to PAX, shame on you. At least I hope someone adopted your avatar, so you'll at least get the taste of an awesome PAX experience.

But seriously, PAX is one of the few things I actively anticipate. It's just that awesome.

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