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9:33 AM on 12.22.2009

Tonglongninja says:

Reprints of Konami games!!

Just a quick blog, for any Aussie gamers out there, it has come to my attention that konami have been doing a limited reprint run of some pretty hard to find pal version games. so if you are looking for a copy of any of the ps2 silent hills, metal gear solid 2 substance, or snake eater, as well as a few others.... then now is the time to head to your local game traders, or whoever else is stocking them. Because they have BRAND NEW copies of em. pretty sure its limited stock though. I was chuffed with this, as I finally managed to ensure I had copies of every single silent hill game. so yeah, if you're like me and have been after those for a while (them being almost impossible to find now) thought I'd give you a heads up. ps- each one set me back 50 bucks, bit of a rip for games that old. but hey, better than a scratched copy off ebay that barely works.

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