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Toneman's blog

5:06 PM on 01.28.2012

Come Watch Dtoid PDX Live Stream Our Techno Kitten Adventure Tourney


7:43 AM on 05.10.2011

Dtoid PAX Through The Years

I consider myself blessed to have attended PAX every year that Dtoid has been there. It's always the most fun, crazy, and badass weekend of the year. Today, I thought it'd be nice to take a look at just how much bigger we've gotten through the years. SHALL WE?!

PAX 2007

PAX 2008

PAX 2009

PAX 2010

PAX 2011

I urge each and every one of you to come! Even if you can't get a pass, come and hang out with the coolest people on earth. Buy Hamza a drink and get him drunk! (Yes, it only takes one.)   read

3:47 AM on 02.08.2011

Jim Sterling Is Bad At Killzone 3 [Proof]

So I was watching the GameTrailers video review of Killzone 3 and I caught this little gem at the 3:53 mark.

Ouch, Jim. Ouch.   read

3:59 AM on 01.31.2011

Let's take a look at my first ever C-blog post.

Bored, and at work, the lonely Toneman takes a trip down memory lane. He hearkens back to the days when the C-blog was just a baby. Back when there were no newfags posting useless shit. the year 2007.

Seriously, I often get nostalgic with Dtoid. She was my first love, constantly nagging me to hit F5 for fresh new updates. We've been through a lot together. I lost my virginity with my laptop opened to Dtoid on my partners chest. One time I almost made out with a dude simply because he promised to show me a brand new Rev Anthony review. Turns out it was his Twilight Princess review, so the deal was off. Anyways, I thought I'd share with you my first ever C-blog post. Waaaaaaaaay back on May 31st, 2007. Almost four years ago, most people here probably weren't even on D-toid at that time.

So I got my copy of Ouendan 2 last week and I've been pretty much playing it non stop since then. For those of you that don't know, Ouendan is a rhythm and music game by Inis, the people that created Gitaroo Man and more recently, Elite Beat Agents. If you're played EBA, you already know how Ouendan works because it's the exact same gameplay. The main difference is that Ouendan has Japanese pop and rock music rather than the American songs found in EBA.

Anyways back to my point, this game is addicting and I often find myself humming the tunes all day. The music just seems much better than the mixed bag that was EBA. In addition to the better music, Inis also added local Wifi play, which was missing from the first Ouendan, as well as 'hidden mode' which makes the game harder by removing the timing circles. All in all it's a damn fine package worthy of your dollars converted to yen. So if you're like me and enjoy the gameplay of EBA, but aren't really a fan of the music, you may want to consider picking this game up. You can snag either Ouendan 1 or 2 for about $45 at your favorite import store.

Wow. Truly a masterpeice...OF SHIT. Goddamn I was a terrible writer. Seriously, I wrote that shit? What the fuck was wrong with me? This is the last time we take a trip down memory lane if that's the kind of crap I posted. I mean, Ouendan is badass, but that writing.......was I twelve? Sorry to put everyone through that.

Shit writing aside, if you haven't already, you should still totally buy Ouendan.   read

1:08 AM on 09.08.2010

A Special Message to Nick Chester

Dear Nick, Your fellow Dtoiders and good friends at Bowtie Cat played Rock Band 3 at PAX this year. But we felt that something was missing. And it made us sad.

-Toneman   read

2:01 PM on 09.07.2010

PAX 2010 Memories

PAX has once again come and gone. And once again, it was the best weekend of my life. This was my fourth PAX and it ranks up there with the best of them. It was awesome to see everyone again, and sad thinking about who wasn't there (cough Necros cough cough). Now, let's talk about all of the good times what I had with good friends.

Thursday was a hugfest as we all met at Gameworks. One by one the Dtoiders flooded in and one by one I hugged you all. Beer was had, Ice car was used repeatedly by Stella, and we all got to catch up. Special thanks to Funktastic for the free copies of MGS and MGS2 Substance, as well as the other free games you handed out to others. Truly, a baddass you are.

Friday I hit the show floor hard. Being this was the first year I had a media pass, I did a lot less waiting. It's nice being able to sweet talk your way to the front of a 3 hour Brink wait line. That night I went with a few fellow PDXToiders to the Capcom Dead Rising 2 party. Boy was that a mistake. I ate the free pizza and took off without getting the free shirt I was promised, jerks. LostCrichton, however, toughed it out in hopes of winning a contest. Good thing he did as he will now have a free copy of DR2 on his doorstep come release day. Everyone met at Gameworks again since the E&C were being dicks. It was nice to see everyone again and quite a few Dtoiders shot the shit with Mr. Michael Pachter. I just got drunk and hugged Samit for 5 hours. <3

Saturday I hit the floor again and of course went to the Dtoid Live panel which was full of all kinds of win. LostCrichton got naked again. That night, team Bowtie Cat, went to a Splatterhouse party that we got VIP invites to. Turns out VIP invites are bullshit since we weren't actually VIPs. After consuming many free beers at the failfest, we stuck around for a few songs from the local band they hired. Then we promptly stole a CD and ran out. We then headed down to the E&C for a wonderful meal of Bangers and Mash. Feeling sad, we drunk dialed a few of our favorite Dtoiders who were not at PAX. You guys know who you are. Upon leaving the E&C we ran into the famous Adam Sessler, who was shitfaced, snapped a few photos and retired at our hotel room.
P.S. Adam Sessler is an awesome dude.

Sunday was the final show day. In addition to games, I met up with some fellow Bowtie Cat editors to meet with Warren Spector. Boy was that fun. He's a man who truly loves games and it was good to hear his take on various subjects. Back on the floor we played everything we could before they kicked us out. That night all of Dtoid met up at Rock Bottom for more drinking and goodbyes. LostCrichton and I brought Xbox 360 faceplates which we tried to get everyone to sign. Hamza handed out Dtoid bobbleheads to everyone who signed up to be Mr. Destructoid for a day. We all said out goodbyes and shed a few tears.

A few shout outs to some homies:
Funktastic - keep being awesome, bring me more games next year
Samit - Yankees suck
Bullettrain - Lord of the Rings isn't lame, you're wrong
Mikey - thanks for the awesome art on my faceplate
Justice - as a fellow resident oldfag it was AMAZING to see you bro
King3vbo - weeaboo
Dexter - i love you brocakes
Tactix - i'll never stop hugging you
Prof Pew - you are every nationality
Knivy - will i ever be as awesome as you?
Sessler - you were drunk bro
Everyone else - <3   read

1:36 PM on 08.03.2010

The ONLY reason you need to go to PAX.

Things like this happen!


Necros sucks.   read

3:03 AM on 03.16.2009

Happy Birthday!

I came to this site in August of 2006. Just 6 months after it was created. It's been great to see such an awesome site grow and change over the years. I hope that this site remains just as awesome for years to come and eventually takes over the internet. My dream is that in the future, I won't log onto the internet. I'll log onto the intertoid. I won't visit websites to get my news, I'll visit toidsites. I think with Niero at the helm that future is a reality. Happy birthday Destructoid. And happy birthday, Niero!   read

9:05 PM on 02.25.2009

I miss Nex.

I recently went back through the Dtoid archives to reminisce and I found this little gem.

Easily the greatest overused Destructoid image of all time. Thank you, Nex.   read

4:59 PM on 10.19.2008

Happy Birthday Cutie Honey!

Congrats to Cutie Honey for turning 21! As a celebration, members of Pacific Dick will be taking our Asian friend to Ground Kontrol to get drunk and play Rock Band. Videos to follow hopefully. Join me in wishing Cutie Honey a happy 21st.


9:10 AM on 09.25.2008

Bungie's New Game Is.....Halo 3?

Bungie today released a teaser for one of their projects. The video showed New Mombasa being hit by tons of Covenant drop pods. The camers flickers and and the text, "Halo 3, Prepare to drop," appears. Perhaps a Halo 3 expansion? Only Bungie knows.....

Edit: Upon more in depth viewing an discussion in IRC it appears as though this game may be and alternate campaign from Halo 3. Perhaps one where you play as ODST. If you study the video carefully you can see that this could be the scene in Halo 2 where the Covenant ship makes a jump while inside the city. During which ODST pods are being dropped, not Covenant.

Download trailer WMV and Quicktime   read

6:02 AM on 09.23.2008

[Breaking News] Six New Halo 3 Maps Revealed In Game Update

The new update for Halo 3 is finally out and with it comes 20 more achievements. While most of the achievements are basic, "kill so many people using a certain weapon", some achievements revealed new maps coming in what I can only assume will be the "Mythic Map Pack."

There are six new maps listed under certain achievement descriptions such as, "On Orbital, get 2 Death from the Grave medals during any ranked or social game." Since Orbital isn't a current map, one can only assume it will be coming soon.

The other five maps listed are Citadel, Heretic, Longshore, Sandbox and the already revealed Assembly. Bungie has yet to say anything official about the new maps besides their usual, "all will become clear in due time. Stay tuned," mumbo jumbo. Interested in finding more out about these new maps and achievements? Pop in your copy of Halo 3 and download the update!   read

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