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Tomas Bell's blog

9:24 PM on 11.13.2011

Hello Everyone! Here's a new Dtoidblogs member from a Chile !

Hello kidnfull users of the Dtoid blogs. I'm gonna introduce myself. I'm Tomás Bell. Im from a thrid world country called Chile. Here, the gamer scene is full of hipsters. The videogame journalist from Chile are compulsive twitter fags that use foursquare to check them on videogame events that are only for JourNaliSt. The sad part is that every little piece of info they publish is from another webs, like Destructoid and Kotaku.

So... well, I made a Dtoid blog because I want to write about videogames in a place for gamers. I feel like gamers in my country are so damn focused trying to show to everyone "how much gamers they are" and that just pisses me. I mean, read opinions like "It' uses frostbite 2, so the graphics are the most realistic that you could ever see, and improves so much the rich experience of... blah, blah blah"... Oh yeah, but is is fun? I don't have anything against those that knows a lot about graphic engines and that kind of stuff, but I hate those that tries to show "how much they know, so how better gamers they are" and talk in a pedant way.

Well,I know that sometimes you'll not understand me because my english is really basic, but this is gonna allow me to improve.

Well, that is it ! See you everyone :D!

PS: Somenone can tell me how to embbed a youtube video on the blogs? Thanks!   read

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