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2:21 PM on 03.12.2014  

I just realized I live in Hyrule. Well, Ohyorule.

The next time you criticize a video game's climate changes as being unrealistic, keep in mind that in my state it can change from Summer to Winter blizzard in 12 hours. Miyamoto should make the next Zelda game in Ohyorule.

Most of Cleveland is ugly enough to pass as Ganon's evil fortress. The impossible triforce goal could even be a Super Bowl, World Series, and an NBA championship. Travel back in time to the golden days of Jacob's Jacob's Field to get Epona, the Amish in the South could be the Sheikah society, our economy basically uses rupees, and we even have our own Ocarina song:

Let's hear your ideas for an impossible yet plausible Zelda sequel set in Ohyorule! Or feel free to follow me on Facebook to see what my local friends come up with!   read

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