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6:10 PM on 08.10.2015

looking forward to writing a bit of Q after way too much PHP and SQL this weekend


9:55 PM on 08.09.2015

you can now see the number of individuals who upvoted your posts on the main cblogs index (akin to old upvotes)


4:31 PM on 08.09.2015

another attempt at fixing the spam filter for quickposts now live #fingazkrost


4:27 PM on 08.09.2015

the 'live' page now shows comments! so exciting. #onward


3:12 PM on 08.09.2015

Fap count and author icon now shown for replies on cblogs main page - thoughts?


2:24 PM on 08.09.2015

FYI: Upvote counts for each upvoting are now shown on post pages - feedback appreciated!


1:40 AM on 08.09.2015


1:39 AM on 08.09.2015


12:06 AM on 08.09.2015

New feature: replies as cblogs!

I was enjoying our robust debate about voting so much that I wanted to be able to reply to OP's blog post with a much longer article. Disqus' comment form feels tight like last year's jockstrap on a growing man.

So I built that feature.

Cblog replies aren't shown the regular way in the main cblogs view, but they are shown in the parent post (at the bottom), and as links in a separate heading on the main cblogs view. We're experimenting with filtering options and other places to surface this info.

Cblog replies become quick posts if they have an empty body.

Hope you guys enjoy this new feature. :)


7:09 PM on 08.08.2015

quickpost AMA go

Hey yall,

We just launched a new quickpost feature. We didn't bother doing any planning or invoking any forethought, so the feature may be a little messy for now.

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me in comments here.


Quickposts: Niero will go into this in more detail later, but a high level view is we want to allow different forms of communication that can peacefully co-exist with our long form high quality posts, and we want them all to be visible.

This is part of an ongoing process of also breaking down the wall between editorial posts and cblogs bestof. We want cblog content to play a bigger role on the homepage, for instance, because it's so often so damn good.

But few users post. We need to lower the barrier to entry to blogging on dtoid.

Concise posts can be great posts, and sometimes a thought is best expressed inline. The way we mix the different kinds of posts is a bit of an art, rather than a science, so expect many changes in that area going forward. (see Update 1 below)

Voting changes: Haven't you ever seen a post that was so good that it just demands to be upvoted twice? Ten times? It's infuriating to rank everything on the same scale - a single up or down vote. Initially we opened up this feature widely without limits to get some data and play with the algorithm settings. We now limit the number of times you can vote on one post to the number of followers you have. This way, users who have a stronger voice in the community also get to express their opinions more strongly. We think that's a fair postulate to maintain, but we will be tweaking this over time too

So in summary: more voices, but a better way to find the best of those voices. Or: everything is in flux! CHAOS REIGNS!

Update 1: We've removed quick posts from the more popular site views like the /blogs/ page. This way you don't have to worry about quick posts showing up on top of long-form content.

Update 2: You can now only upvote (and soon, downvote) a post as many times as the count of your followers. Meaning, if you have 13 followers, like my pathetic ass, I can only upvote this post 13 times. 


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