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ToiletDuck's blog

8:15 AM on 01.11.2008

Some Old School Garry's Mod Fun

After going through some old IRC logs, I found an old-ish Garry's Mod video my friend Toidi made featuring myself and another pal. This was back in the GMod 9.0 days, enjoy! Also, schlooper.   read

9:14 PM on 12.05.2007

What's this? A Crank Dat cover we can all enjoy?

Check this out: As RiserGlen has pointed out, this man has to be a magician with turning crap songs into something enjoyable AND funny.   read

2:30 PM on 12.01.2007

Looking for Vista alternative?

I thought this would be worth a first post due to the lul factor. Enjoy! Hah, would you like MS-DOS 5 with that?   read

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