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If you love it, change it: Smash Brothers

I’m going to take the path of least resistance, as usual, and describe something that I’m sure most people already agree on. SSBM was probably my favorite game of all time. Sure, it could have used a few tweaks to balance...


MS Lawyer says EEK EEK and flings poo

A post on Don McGownan's blog has a response to the master chief on PS3 that Nick Chester mentioned earlier this week. "This will also remind people of just how great the Halo games are and remind them that if they're done...


F G4TV, This is what I want (rant...)

One thing I never understood about G4TV is the lack of gaming coverage. I guess Gameboi's post explains that, but I feel that there are plenty of serious gaming venues that they did not pursue. I know they never covered a...


MS: so what's the real deal?

So we start off with HD-DVD vs Blu-ray. FIGHT! Fatality, Blu-ray wins. HD-DVD goes the way of the dodo, toshiba and many other involved lose money. All hail blu-ray. 360 owners create rumors that MS will pick up blu-ray...


GH3 Halo

I don't know why this hasn't been mentioned any where, but everyone that has GH3 on the 360 needs to go check out the new downloadable content. Exploring this will turn up a free download of the halo theme. Excellent guitar track that had me rockin out last night. Don't forget the part about it being free.


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