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Todd Umbarger
2:10 PM on 10.30.2009

In mere weeks, Left 4 Dead fans will be getting fully acquainted with the new cast of rescue-seeking Survivors. It probably won't be a final farewell to Louis, Francis, Bill and Zoey, however their time as the franchise stars is certainly ending. Here's my tribute to the best zombie video game EVAR.

I created this Fallout 3 portrait primarily to keep myself from playing the game so much. I've logged about 150 hours in two playthroughs and I'm waiting to download Broken Steel to start my third. After finishing the piece and giving it a title I realized the character's pseudonym was actually "The Lone Wanderer," as "The Vault-Dweller" refers to the hero from the original game. I left it.

I created this portrait last month for a Street Fighter IV art contest. I submitted too early and was buried under
twenty pages of entries by the time voting came around.

UPDATE: Here's a link to the Don't Panic contest page:

Todd Umbarger
2:14 AM on 08.04.2008

I threw this together a couple months ago. Can someone YTMND the hell out of it please? Thanks.

Early this morning I submitted my piece for The Eustace Tilley Contest, in which entrants
reimagine the iconic New Yorker character and winners chosen by the editors will appear in
February's anniversary issue. The concept of Tilley as the final boss in an imaginary side-
scroller came to me as I pictured the classic butterfly moving in 2D space and interacting with
the giant dandy. I used this opportunity to honor some of my favorite shooters of all time:
Forgotten Worlds, Space Harrier and Contra. The New Yorker isn't exactly known as a gaming
journal but you can leave comments and see the other entries on my Tilley Flickr page:

The latest piece for my Destructoid blog is pretty self-explanatory. I may do one of the Elite
Beat team down the road, who knows?