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Tobiichi avatar 8:38 AM on 12.01.2012  (server time)
Hey home-friends, I'm be havin' a Wii U now!

What up friends and followers of which I also count most as friends. I bought a Wii U yesterday, first in line at GameStop Kalmar (would brag, but it took me an extra 6 hours to get my Wii U despite being first) when it opened up at 9AM yesterday morning. I bought the Premium Pack and bought two more games (Black Ops II and Zombi U, as pictured below. And so far I'm having a lot of fun with all three (Nintendo Land not pictured)

I traded in about 40+ videogames and a Wii to afford this machine on launch, and hopefully I won't regret that. I'm liking the system itself quite a lot, however, Call of Duty: Black Ops II is what made me realize my big error so far...

I HAVE NO FRIENDS! When even Activision is mocking me not being liked there's got to be something wrong. So therefore I decided to start farming up friends... As in you guys... Because I like you guys. My Wii U Network ID is.... Tobbii. Yeah, I caught the name I wanted, hooray! So send me a Friend Request on Miiverse and I'll add you, maybe we can show those pesky scoundrels on BlOps2 the REAL POWER OF TEAM WORK!

But I also have a serious issue about the Wii U to talk about...

The Wii U Chat barely seems to work as intended. Whenever me and NintenDaan (of GoNintendo fame) tries to chat it just says "This friend is unavailable or has been disconnected.", which is not true. I am not sure if this is only happening to us or not, please tell me if it's working for you. Another problem with the Wii U Chat is that the time it takes to A) Close to Application, B) Wait for Wii U Menu and then C) Wait for Wii U Chat to start is faaaar too long, noone waits that long in a call, and this i the AUTOMATIC sequence that the Wii U goes through, not some stupid roundabout way I did myself.

Overall, loving the Wii U, add me on Miiverse and we can play games together. Cool.
Miiverse/Network ID: Tobbii

P.S: I did a Willem DaFoe on Rabbids Land (first thing I did on Wii U actually) and it got removed for some reason even though it was harmless, but I did make one on NintendoLand after that which didn't get removed, weird.

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