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Toadster's blog

1:07 PM on 08.31.2009

Blizzcon 2009... going, going, GONE!

Blizzcon 2009 has come and gone! I'm officially a Blizzard fan after attending this event! Here's a video showing some of the people that I met, and showcasing some of the games that were promoted this year: Diablo 3, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and StarCraft 2. The Blizzard community of gamers/artists/followers is truly awesome - they really get into the game!


I also got to work some of the 'social media' aspects of the conference... if you use Twitter, you can see more of the upcoming stuff at PAX by following @IntelGameOn or hit me up on my account too @Toadster

Did I see any of you D'Toid'ers there? Who want my Raynor N00b?

10:16 AM on 07.29.2009

Video: Intel LANFest 2009 - Sacramento

I was part of the Sacramento LANFest last weekend (July 24-26) and spent about a day there - many of the over 300 gamers attended the whole 48 hours. Took some video and photos of the event and rolled it into a short video...


over $20k in prizes were given out, everything from gaming keyboards and mice, to Extreme Edition CPUs, and full gaming systems/laptops - it's the biggest LAN we've had so far!

anyone else on D'Toid show up?   read

6:51 PM on 07.02.2009

Helloooo - from the new old guy!

Hey Dtoid'ers - I wanted to introduce myself...

I've been gaming for oh... geez, about 30 years (!) and I found out about this site through work. I work at Intel, and I've been here for 14 years this summer ('09) - it's been a wild ride!

Initially I started my foray into the computer realm back in the early 80's - I took a few programming classes (using BASIC) and loved it so much that my folks ended up getting us an Apple ][+ I remember back then, upgrades werent' all that easy - had to add a 16k RAM module which was about 12" long and you had to pull an EEPROM off the baseboard to plug in a joystick... just crazy! But I LOVED IT!

I have a Comp Sci Degree from the University of PIttsburgh (go PITT!) and have had some type of 'computer job' since the early '90s. I used to sell computers, software, accessories - did upgrades, installed ISP softare - etc... anyone remember Prodigy or Compuserve? ;)

anyhoo... I've been working at Intel, mostly in the Enterprise sector for the past 3 years, everything from handheld PCs to full blown multi-core servers - but I have a huge passion for the consumer (gaming) side at home as well... I have built dozens of PC's in my life, but my latest build is a Core i7 Extreme setup - and it blows me away... it's easily 10x (or more) faster than some of the servers I used to manage when I first started at Intel. Back in the mid '90s we still had 486 servers running!

For the past year or so - my game of choice has been TF2 - honestly, it's one of those games that just keeps growing and changing - it keeps people tied into the mods, updates, achievements... it's a great way to blow off some Steam (LOL - no pun intended!) You can check my steam profile here and add me if you'd like to game a bit...

The Friday Night Fights brought me here - and it seems like the Destructoid community is HUGE! I love the blogs and there are so many a/v enhanced blog posts - it's really cool!

Alrighty then - I hope this is a good "intro" blog for everyone - see ya online!   read

4:32 PM on 07.02.2009

Intel sez hi - w00t!

Ok to be honest, I'm just here for the games! Friday Night Fights is new to me, but seems like a really cool ladder competition... To be honest, I just can't seem to get a high-score on the cannon game...

ugh - who can help me!?!

to be honest, I'm much more into the FPS realm - check my latest blog on my gaming rig!   read

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