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3:52 PM on 04.08.2010

Why Clash of the Titans SUCKED (short blog)

So, I just got back from seeing the new Clash of the Titans. I have to say that movie really sucked. It was no where near as awesome as the original movie from way back when.

Im going to try to keep this thing short. It is about a guy named Perseus who happens to be half god half man. He learns of a plot that the gods have to destroy pretty much the whole earth. Of course, he wont have any of that so he does something about it.

Main reasons why it SUCKED

The plot was just horrible
All of the characters were very shallow
The effects were actually pretty bad
It was slow
And the action wasn't that good, when they had it.

Usually when a movie is generally horrible, but has a ton of good action I can stand watching it. But not even the fighting was good. All in all, it was just freaking pointless.
I thought I had some kind of obligation to tell you NOT to see this movie.

Good day to you all.


2:08 PM on 04.07.2010

My Re-Intro Blog

Well, I think its safe to say we all got started off to the wrong foot here. My first intro blog wasnt really an intro blog, and I have to say I am quite ashamed of it. If you missed it:

"Hey Guys, Im Toad Sage....nice to meet all of you. I hope we have fun here....
haha. You all rock.
Im out. :D :D"

Isn't that fail?

FEEL THE FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was pretty much it. So, here we go again.

I am Toad Sage. I am a gamer, movie watcher and writer.
As far as the gaming part goes, I own a 360, PS3, Wii and a DS. I am really into my PS3 right now. I am currently working on the impossibly long journey that is Final Fantasy 13. I am also playing pokemon soul silver, which is totally awesome.

My favorite games:

My first system was the Playstaion One. I pretty much skipped all of the old school things, and went for the "goods." I have pretty much bought every system that has come out since. Gaming has been a huge part 'o the life of Toad Sage. My favorites are.....
The Orange Box
The World Ends With You
Animal Crossing
Gears of War
Final Fantasy IV
Pokemon Silver
Little Big Planet
Kingdom Hearts
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Blazblue: Calamity Trigger
Demon's Souls
Marvel vs Capcom 2

Mario Kart ....and the list goes ON AND ON AND ON


I am a mondo movie geek, so if you ever want to talk movies with someone I'm always here. haha
My list of favorite movies is way huge, and I dont want to kill you with a wall of text.
But I am a pretty big Tarintino fan (pulp fiction ftw) I also am a huge anime fan.
My favorite anime:
Wolf's Rain
Cowboy Bebop
Death Note
Samurai Jack (if that counts...more of an american cartoon)

And as for the writing part goes, I love to write. I write game reviews for a local news site in my town part time and I quite enjoy it. I have already written a review and posted it here, and Im sure there are many more coming your way.
Well, that has been a trip into the mind of Toad Sage. Home you will come again.


11:24 PM on 04.06.2010

E for Effort: Real Time Strategy

If you enjoy Real Time Strategy games and are good at them, my hat goes off to you. The fact is, I cannot stand RTS games but I totally respect the people who are good at them. Lets start off by the reasons I cant stand them.

I cannot stand RTS games because First and foremost, I suck at them. I lose all the time, and I have to have the computer on the easiest mode to even stand a chance.
One of the biggest reasons why I don't like them is because the combat isn't very engaging. I mean, its a strategy game so I guess I cant complain too much. But something just seems so boring about watching a flock of troops shoot at another flock of troops. I want to be the one doing the shooting!!! I just cant stand to sit there....and watch!! I am going to fall asleep! If the game play isn't exciting to the nuts, I really don't want to play it.

Why I have flat out respect for RTS players First off, you are really really smart. Not only do you have the mental dexterity to stay with the game but you can strategize very quickly to beat your opponent. It takes a lot to win at this game especially if there are two really good people playing. The only thing that keeps me from talking fanboy nerdrage trash is that I know any of these people could own me any day at one of these games.

Now, the interesting thing is that these games sometimes have the depth and scale of games I already enjoy. This is another reason why I respect them.

I think in the end it really boils down to me wanting an engaging experience in a game. I just dont feel that any real time strategy game can provide this for me. That being said I totally respect the players because they are some real smart guys, and some of the games I can really respect as legitimate games. I just cant stand to play them.   read

3:15 PM on 04.06.2010

Video game review: Pokemon Soul Silver

Story: The game takes place in a fictional world filled with odd animal like beings called “Pokémon”. Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes and are primarily used for a pastime among humans. What is the pastime you ask? Fighting. Now, I’m not sure why this is even legal, but that is not the point here. You start out as a young kid looking to make his way in the Pokémon world. Since this is an RPG, you get to name the character yourself. Once you get up and running and name the little guy, you go immediately to the Pokémon laboratory where you get to chose from one of three super rare, ultra cool looking Pokémon. Each of them is extremely different so it’s important you choose the one that you like the best. Once you do that, you get sent on a quest to beat all of the “gym leaders” in the area and become the best Pokémon trainer around town. Gym leaders are basically the champion Pokémon fighter in the area. After you are told that, you are let loose in an expansive world to battle other Pokémon and their trainers while battling an evil organization along the way. The story is essentially the one you write after that. Of course, there is a linear path to follow if you actually want to finish the game. I suggest you jump on that one. The story isn’t amazing and in depth filled with plot twists and the lot, but it is in fact a Pokémon game. It is just your classic story of boy (or girl) leaves home and goes on an adventure while making friends along the way.

Game Play: The combat traditionally runs on a turn based system. Most of the battles are random encounters unless they have something to do with the plot then they are forced encounters. The random encounters are annoying as ever. Sometimes, you can’t take a step without running into something. Once you enter a battle, you have a choice to summon one of the Pokémon that you have captured and trained. From there you and the opposing Pokémon do battle by taking turns choosing attacks until one of you loses all of your health. It sounds simple, and quite frankly it is. But there is more strategy to it than you may think and depending on who’s playing the combat can be very fun and expansive. When you aren’t fighting other Pokémon you are usually walking around visiting different towns. Each town is different and really has its own feel. Especially now in the remake version of the game since the colors and graphics have been totally redone.

Other elements: These are where most of the drastic changes to the game have been made. First off, the graphics have been totally redone and they look great. All of the environments are in 3D and the colors are extremely vibrant. The Pokémon look as awesome as ever and the animations for their attacks are also very neat. The soundtrack has gotten a huge makeover, with the music tracks actually sounding like…well…music tracks. If you can remember, any and all sounds on the GameBoy color were about as 8-bit as you can get. The sounds that didn’t get a makeover this time around were the sounds the Pokémon make. I find this odd, because they sound horrible and I know that the DS has the capabilities to fix this.

Summary In all, Pokémon Soul Silver is as solid of an RPG that its original was. You will be getting the bang for your buck on this one, especially since you will end up playing through it more than once. I give it a 9/10   read

12:20 AM on 04.06.2010

What is up?

Hey Guys, Im Toad Sage....nice to meet all of you. I hope we have fun here....
haha. You all rock.
Im out. :D :D   read

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