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9:43 PM on 10.07.2008

DTOID NY: Invading Centralia!

Okay kids, so the time has come for the Dtoid NY NARP team to take things to a whole new level. Not only are we throwing together fantastic events such as drinking, eating BBQ, and playing oldschool video games, but now we take things to a fantastic and exciting place.

Where you ask? Why abandoned and haunted places of course!

This Saturday, were looking at 3-4 car fulls of Dtoiders. Our plan? Wake up early and head out to Centralia, PA!

Centralia is a town off route 61 rich in mine fires. That's right kids. The entire town has had a coal mine fire burning underneath it for the past 60 years or so! Whats that mean for us? Cracked highways, smoldering ground, charred landscape, and if were especially (un)lucky, Pyramid Head!

Notice the snow avoids certain areas!

The town is likely to be hot! With fire just below us you can expect a little shoe meltage.

Whats after that? Why were headed back to New Jersey for Dinner, gathering up more Dtoiders and then heading out to spooky Shades Of Death Road.

Personally, I've been out there plenty of times. But however due to popular demand, were finding ghosts this time. They are out there, you just need to look.

Finally, after a long night how do we unwind? By guaranteeing ourselves some actual manifestations.

Were headed off to the Hookerman tracks in search of dancing green lights that supposedly represent the lantern an unfortunate gentlemen dropped after having his hand smacked by a train. Excuse the picture, I took it with my phone while driving. But those are indeed the tracks.

Who can you expect as such a fantastic event!?!
Why we have such people confirmed!

EternalDarkWing(Ride Pending)
Zen Albatross, who wrote up a better version of this post here.
Devon Riley, who may or may not have a Dtoid account.
Phist (Possible)
PhoneySoprano + guest (Highly Likely)

Then my friends Megan and Mike might also show up.

Brings me to an interesting car situation. Looks like we might be rocking 3-4 cars. We shall find out.

I'm going to have to ask for people to split gas to Centralia and back. It's expensive but just think guys. It's like a Dtoid parade.

If I missed anyone, do post below. If you care, post below. Yanno.   read

3:18 PM on 03.06.2008

Just got Brawl!

Hey guys. I found a copy of Brawl earlier today and while I can't really reveal my sources or as to where I got it, the games pretty damn awesome. Everything I was hoping for and more.

I like the little tweaks they made to the gameplay and what not. Really changes the experience while keeping it fresh.

One thing still has me worried though. I played a single match on Wi-Fi and it lagged quite a bit. It wasn't unplayable but people who played strikers enough know exactly what is going on.

I'm not really sure what else to say here so I'll leave you with pictures.


11:36 PM on 01.24.2008

I just completed "I Want To Be The Guy!"

Okay guys, I just had to come out here and say this, after about a week or so of straight playing I just beat "I Want To Be The Guy!"

First off, if you have no idea what that is, go check out Hamza's story about it.

I have to admit this game is one of the most fun experiences I have ever had in freeware.

The punishing difficulty is brilliant and beating the game (or even just a screen) feels like an absolutely enormous accomplishment. I cannot really say that the pacing is done well though. It starts of ludicrously difficult and doesn't really let up for the entire game.

There are an uncountable amount of video game references strewn throughout the game and several memorable moments. (Mainly the boss fights.)

I just had to come on here and mention that I had beaten the game (on hard) to you guys.

I'm sure you've all heard of it but in the small case that you have not and are curious about it, please go download the demo (or the full game) here.   read

2:20 AM on 12.02.2007

EA has impressed me beyond belief.

So when I purchased Rock Band my new Fender guitar had broken within 3 hours of use. I immediately submitted my request for a new guitar on the Rock Band replacement parts page. I was in no rush for a new guitar because I personally did not approve of the quality of the guitar itself. I was happy using my wireless Les Paul.

About a week passes and I don't receive my new guitar that was supposedly sent out with 2 day shipping. I'm in no rush to receive it but at the same time I am very curious as to what is taking so long.

I get home tonight to the following e-mail.

Greetings Rocker,

Congratulations on your purchase of Rock Band!

After reviewing our records, we see that your recent request for a replacement guitar has been subject to an unacceptably long delay due to a late shipment from our manufacturer.

By the time you receive this, your replacement guitar should be on its way to you. However, the Rock Band team is committed to providing a world-class customer experience and we do not believe we have met this commitment in connection with your request. As a token of our appreciation for your patience and understanding, we will be offering you a FREE EA game. Details will follow shortly.

We are sorry if your first experience with Rock Band has not met your expectations. We hope our gift will show you how committed we are to your satisfaction.

Thank you,

The Rock Band Team

Wow. I am so impressed buy this consumer service that I had to post on here and tell every single one of you. A free game. Thats phenomenal. Bravo team. Bravo. I will be calling them in the morning to thank them and also submitted this to the consumerist. But you, Destructoid, are the first to know!   read

2:37 PM on 12.01.2007

The single greatest Rock Band creation in the world.

First off let me say, excuse the god awful cell phone image of my TV. Moving on.

After deciding that making serious characters in Rock Band was overrated we decided to try to make the most outrageous Jem inspired characters this side of the internet. Donning colors of hot pink and random purples and brightly color tatoos named "Butterfly Girl" we accomplished our goals.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Destructoid, I give you...

Mansplosion Steamhammer, The

Larger image here

Thoughts? Disgust? Praise? I was pretty proud of us. However we do need a band quote. Now this is where it gets fun.

What Mansplosion Steamhammer, The needs from you is a band quote. I know you guys can do it!   read

1:21 AM on 11.17.2007

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune found in the wild!

I was at my local Game Crazy picking up Contra 4 in all it's manly goodness and I spotted this on the wall.

One of the guys, Jim, posed for the picture that I took as proof that the game was indeed in.

I've really only played the demo, I did not have the proper funds to pick up Contra 4 AND a PS3 game but the demo was surprisingly solid. I do believe if you are hurting for a PS3 game right now (and honestly, who owns a PS3 and is NOT hurting for a new game) and if the rest of the game is remotely like the demo, you really can't go wrong with it.

It felt like a bastard child of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and Gears of War. With 100% less whips though.   read

2:12 PM on 10.20.2007

VH1's Rock Band Band websites launch! (Info and pictures inside!)

So while I did not get the part I tried out for I still keep an eye out to see whats going on with this show/special/wtf. Seems they launched a myspace page as well a a page on VH1's website itself.

But you didn't come here just to be referenced to a few links.

For the most part, I approve of the people they picked and they named the drummer appropriately.

Starting out with the singer.

Rutherford Bennington - Singer

When I went for my audition I had pleasure of playing with this guy(or at least I think I did.) Let me tell you he can really SING. He matches the look of ridiculous rock sterotypes from yesteryear and his hair simply goes everywhere. Cool.

Shakti Lipschitz - Bassist

Over the top name, over the top actions in the music video. Begging for attention. Seems cool enough. However doesn't seem to realize shes the bassist and plays the controller like a toy.

Captian Thunderdome - Drummer

This guys name is incredible. I could care less whatever he does. He could look faker or play worse than anyone else I've ever seen, hes still got an awesome name. Luckily he is an actual drummer and knows what hes doing. Thumbs up!

Max Griffiths - Guitarist

I have to admit I'm a little biased against him. He did get the part over me. But he does rock the almost slash hair. I do however have the legit complaint that he doesn't seem to exhude much energy in the video. He kinda stands there most of the time and when it does show him playing he also, like Shakti, doesn't look like hes playing a guitar. Just holds the strum bar and moves it up and down.

All together I think it can be a decent thing. Provide a few laughs and all. Here is the music video thats posted. More info is available through their myspace and VH1 page linked above.

Warning, video may cause physical pain.


So, what do you guys think?   read

12:49 AM on 10.19.2007

Guess what I found at Game Crazy Today?

So, I think I'm going to try to find something somewhat obscure and awesome every week or so. Make something of a half assed feature of it.

I'll be honest I had never played this one until I bought it earlier.

So far I'm pretty happy with what I have. It seems this can get a little ridiculously in depth so if any Disgaea junkies have some advice for me I would love to hear it.

Now here is my interesting twist.

This particular store also has one new and still sealed. Would that be considered a rarity and to be purchased immediately and stored in a quiet room?   read

6:03 PM on 10.11.2007

Guitar Hero 3 demos IN STORES NOW. (Pictures!)

Okay guys, I posted earlier about how I got a call from my local Game Crazy that they had a guitar hero 3 in store demo complete with guitar and everything. Generally you all yelled at me for pictures. Well, here you go.

Sorry about the quality, it's cell phone stuff.

I found the game to be ridiculously easy compared to previous Guitar Hero games. The button pressing timing was extremely forgiving this time around. Either that or I just got much MUCH better.


The setup (laughable)

Menus and Screens


There ya go. Enjoy your picture proof.   read

10:34 AM on 10.11.2007

Guitar Hero 3 Demo In (some) Stores!

So, I'm at work, typing away at my computer and I recieve a text message from my local Game Crazy in Byram, New Jersey.

Seems that they just got an in store Guitar Hero 3 demo.

I'm headed over there during lunch to go check it out, I'll have pictures up around 5:30/6:00.

Don't believe me? Call your local game stores. Or even the Byram/Stanhope Game Crazy.

Edit: Just stopped by a few Gamestops. None of them have it. Seems the only place that has it is Game Crazy right now. Pics coming ~6:00.   read

12:20 PM on 10.10.2007

Orange Box Advice, 360 or PC

So, I have them both pre-ordered and I'm planning on picking up one of them tonight.

The big dilemma is, Orange Box on the 360 or the PC. I really want it on my PC, but thats been acting up lately. Plus if I get it on PC, I can give a few pieces of it away. (HL2, HL2EP1) However my PC gaming has been sparse lately. When I play FPS games there is a slight delay when I move my mouse to when it moves my aimer in the game unless I reduce the resolution quite a lot. What on Earth could be causing that?

I wouldn't mind playing through the whole game again on the 360 but are the graphics going to be anywhere as nice as they were on the PC?

I'm in a dilemma fellow Robots, please advise.

I'm leaning closer to the PC version, despite stupid aiming issues.

Is anyone even getting the 360 version? Anyone at all?   read

12:08 PM on 10.04.2007

Want a discount on The Half Life 2 Orange Box?

You got it, taken straight from Gamestop's web page, comes this quote, from me to you.

"For a limited time all customers who pre-order Half-Life 2 Orange Box will SAVE $5 off the regular price of $59.99. This offer is valid both online and in-store and applies to pre-orders only."

So I don't know if this is old or not but this is my first time hearing about it.

This seems to apply to all versions of the game and is a mighty fine deal. I may have to go drop $5.00 for a pre order for this sweet discount.   read

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