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Timtoid's blog

12:19 PM on 02.17.2012

A Humble Reminder of Mojang's Mojam+ UPDATE!

Who are these finely animated characters? Why, they are Mojang of course! (Spoiler: It's written in the image.) These are the chaps responsible for the ridiculously popular and grindtastic blockathon, Minecraft! With the re...   read

8:36 AM on 02.16.2012

No love lost for Dear Esther: a defence.

The reception of the recent remake of the 2008 mod Dear Esther has been quite dividing. Destructoid's Allistair Pinsof wrote his review of the game and scored it an understandable 4.5. Over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun two reviews...   read

8:33 PM on 02.14.2012

Who Would You Kick?

Double Fine's Adventure Kickstarter fund certainly has caused quite the stir in its wake. Closing in on the $1.8 million mark at the time of writing in just a week has resulted in a lot of discussion among the gaming communit...   read

10:56 PM on 02.12.2012

Trial and Error: The Satisfaction of Constant Failure

Difficulty in games can be a tricky subject for developers to properly implement in their works. A game that is too challenging and unfair to players will likely be left in the dust, disc snapped in half. A game that is too...   read

11:49 PM on 02.07.2012

A First Stab at Shank 2

Today was really the first big day for game releases in 2012. EA's new RPG: Kingdoms of Amalur came out alongside 2K and Digital Extreme's The Darkness 2 in the big game releases, we all got the Skyrim creation kit to mod the...   read

12:07 PM on 02.03.2012

VVVVVV: A Malevolent Masterpiece.

Some people deserve to be punched in the face for all the right reasons. Terry Cavanagh is one of those people. He did not burn down an orphanage, nor did he disseminate hateful messages about a certain race creed or gender. ...   read

9:08 AM on 01.10.2012

What I want in 2012: A new path

A new year, a new way. We've all made our resolutions on how to make this year better and whether we keep them or not depends entirely on how they fit with our lifestyle. Among the choices I've made this year to better myse...   read

10:43 AM on 10.16.2011

Mass Effect 3: My thoughts on co-op

Recently, Bioware announced that a multiplayer mode is in the works for the third game in the critically successful Mass Effect series. Given the state of the industry these days, this was not only unsuprising, but also gar...   read

9:58 AM on 09.20.2011

This little Outerlight of mine.

In 2007 a very old friend of mine turned me onto a game called The Ship. Developed by Outerlight, it combined elements of The Sims, Clue, and Quake. Originally developed as a mod for the popular online FPS Quake, it took a b...   read

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