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Timtoid avatar 9:29 AM on 03.22.2012  (server time)
Don't Run From Canabalt!

Remember when you were a kid driving down the road, picturing a little man running along side the car jumping over obstacles and taking great leaps over intersecting roads? I did it, and I'm sure as heck you did too. Sadly, for years that hero has been locked to the confines of my head... until I picked up Canabalt.

Created by Adam Atomic (Gravity Hook, Press Any Key), this autoscrolling parkour-platformer is addictive as it is intriguing. Simplicty is at the core of the experience, where the player simply jumps from rooftop to rooftop while avoiding barrels and falling debris. The player picks up speed as they run, so an uninterrupted run can lead to a fast paced and frantic experience. The path is randomly generated each time, which makes each run is different. While this may not allow for practice with some of the more tricky jumps such as a low hanging glass pane, it keeps the experience fresh and interesting each time. Occasionally you will run into an impossible solution and be killed instantly, such instances are rare. The final score is determined based on how far you get and there are online leaderboards to submit your high scores to.

The presentation of the game is absolutely astounding. An interesting colour scheme (despite being various shades of gray) and fluid 8-bit graphics give this game a slick and modern style. Beyond the enthralling gameplay lies the incredible musical score. Created by none other than the brilliant Danny Baranowsky, it really sets the mood of the game. While only having three or so tracks, each loop perfectly and provide three distinct moods. The graphics and the music both work together to create the narrative of the game, with a little imagination of course.

Needless to say this game is pretty fantastic. It's quick, simple and addictive; all excellent features to have in a browser or mobile game. You can find Canabalt iOS, Android, PSN, as part of the current Humble Bundle, or play in your browser for free right here.

If you liked the original, you should check out the Passage mash-up spoof, Passagebalt.

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