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Timtoid avatar 3:17 PM on 04.12.2012  (server time)
Digging Into Dungeon Crawlers: A Series

Diablo 3 is coming.

Really soon.

*Runs around screaming and flailing arms madly*

...Okay, so it's still a month away, but it's a heck of a lot closer than ever before- and it's finally coming! I'm a huge fan of the Diablo series, and dungeon crawlers in general so I'm pretty stoked for a chance to finally play it. How I did not get into the Beta I don't know, but then again I've purposely kept myself in the dark about a lot of the game's particulars to keep everything as awesome as possible.

But this post isn't about my love of Diablo, rather an introduction to a small series I wish to write in anticipation for Diablo 3's imminent release. Each week I am going to blog about my experiences with four different games that have the dungeon crawl design in mind, and by the time they are finished I'll be straight into Diablo 3!

So why do I love dungeon crawlers? I don't care much for other conventional RPG's but dungeon crawlers in particular I have a certain soft spot for. Possibly because I spent so much time playing Diablo 2 that the style just scratches the itch that other games don't satisfy, but I think with my recent playtime with these sorts of games have led me to understand and appreciate their design much more than I could have when I was 12 (and what is this). The element I find most fascinating about these sorts of games is the completely randomized elements, from the dungeon layout to weapons and enemies, each time one plays it it's completely fresh and new. A new adventure each and every time, with new stories and scenarios imagined as the characters I created and recreated come to life (and often meet their death) in these labyrinths.

So If you're a fan of Diablo or other Roguelikes and RPG's please check in for more! I plan on posting these each week, starting on April 14th (Saturday), and if I keep my schedule then they should be all finished by May 14th, the day before Diablo 3 comes out.


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