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I'm Tim and I have a deep passion for games. Always have and always will. These days I'm pretty much a PC gamer exclusively and Steam is the black hole in my bank account.

I love FPS and RPG's the most, but I'm also interested in the wide world of indie games, art games, and pretty much anything that is different and weird. Some of my all-time favorite games include Half Life 2, Diablo 2, Team Fortress 2, Tetris, Borderlands, Torchlight and Bioshock.

I'm a 21 year old Canadian guy who loves writing/blogging, gaming, animation, drawing, curling, bacon and coffee-- all drenched in maple syrup.

I hope you enjoy what I write, and I would one day like to end up as a professional in the field of games journalism or working as a creative in the advertising/entertainment industry.

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Hey everyone, this'll just be a quick post, but I just want to talk about something that I discovered today. Recently I picked up the insanely popular Minecraft and have been trying to make the most out of the modding community around it, trying out texture packs and whatnot. While most texture packs simply change too much of the game for my liking (not just the blocks, but the tools, items, and even the loading screen and menus!), I decided to take a gander at what skins are available and I was quite surprised at the sheer amount of skins that are being made each and every day.

I discovered the website Minecraft Skins aka "The Skindex", which houses an online model editor and I was again surprised at how easy it was to create original skins. I saw the editor tab and thought there would be a convoluted method with bizarre file types and unforgiving programs, but the online editor and upload/download processes are both clean and efficient. The model is easy to manipulate, limbs can be removed for painting nooks and crannies, and limbs automatically apply changes symmetrically to save time. There is a neat grid as well helps keep everything clean and exactly how you want it. It's a fun little thing to do if you have some free time and a bit of creativity!

I think it's brilliant that there are simple tools like this that allow anyone to create content that can be easily integrated into the game and uploaded for the global community to have for their own. While not paying attention in class I made the destructoid community a little gift, a Mr. Destructoid skin! so if you have Minecraft, give it a download and slap a pig as everyone's favorite suited robot.

Just be sure to remember which way is forward... otherwise you'll end up like Blue Dude below...
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