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Oh man am I tired of hearing about fucking dickwolves.

I actually got into an argument with my wife about this whole thing today. I basically tried to argue the issue as "both sides need to take a chill pill", but I see where she was coming from. Any kind of rape joke is generally in bad taste, and admittedly I probably looked like I was defending it.

Upon later examination, however, I found that I am less on anybody's side as I am entirely fucking done with this dickwolves thing.

And you know who's to blame for this entire thing?


Dude just couldn't keep his mouth shut about it. Whether or not you think the dickwolves comic was offensive or not, the wound was nearing closure. Most people had forgotten about it, and at best it was used as a reference to an unfortunate event in gaming culture. It was slowly sinking into the murky depths of history.


Look, I get that Mike was wanting to be honest up on stage... But you do not just blurt out the first thing that comes to your head up there, especially when it relates to the biggest controversy of your career. And even if he DID want to comment on the dickwolves thing? Think before you talk, dude. He could have just as easily said something along the lines of "I wish we would have never antagonized our critics, I wish we had never engaged, and I wish that we had apologized and let it be." 

But no.

"We never should have pulled the dickwolves merchandise"

*throws up hands*

I get what he meant behind it. He meant that he should have just left well enough alone, months after the fact, and been done with it. Instead of that, he re-engaged what was even at the time, an old issue. But it sure didn't sound like that. It sure sounded like "FUCK THE HATERS! RAPE IS AWESOME! SELL RAPE SHIRTS!"

And here we are.

Once again.

Talking about the fucking dickwolves.

I learned something really fucking important today after the argument with my wife: Just let it be. Just ignore it. Do what Mike should have done in the first place and just not engage. There will be people who would want to hash this thing out until the end of time. But what's done is done. A person made a very off-color joke that upset some people. People have a right to be upset if they want to be, and I see and understand their reasoning. 

But I am done. I am done thinking about, talking about, referencing to, or even idly mentioning fucking goddamn dickwolves.

(you know, after I'm done with this blog, anyway)

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