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TimO42 avatar 10:41 AM on 11.02.2008  (server time)
Philly COG tag found.

Alright so Friday night I had to go back to NJ for a my girlfriends brother's Halloween party (I was pacman btw). Didn't think in a million years that would be the night for SixOkay to drop a ****ton of coords on philly. Boy was I pissed. My gf was getting annoyed because I was pacing back and forth trying to think of what I should do. So I called up Docta Splatta (from the Epic boards) and told him there were four coords in Philly right now.

He left and I talked to him through some of it, but then I had to go to the party so I PMed AOW Waterborn (again, from the Epic boards) to see if he could call Docta Splatta up and guide him. So then he found the one behind the Rocky statue under rocks.

So I went to the party, and my gf (being as awesome as she is) genuinely offered to drop me off at the train station. Which just so happen to be right around the block from her brothers place. So I got on the the train at 1:30am and met the most awesome train conductor ever, accompanied with his sidekick cop. They were talking about how they love the train at Halloween because of all the half nekid girls. And how they're whoring it out and sometimes they take a whole car and get it on in there lol.

Anyway, I got back, gave Docta Splatta a call to help me search. But he was out drinking somewhere. So I went to Rittenhouse and sat. I saw two other people there just kinda looking over things, combing the park with just their eyes. Not really going through the bushes or anything. I think they were afraid to draw attention lol. I waited til they left, because I knew they wouldn't find anything like that.

I got up off the bench and started jumping over everything trying to figure where the good spots are. I checked under bushes, dug things up, everything. Eventually I posted on the Epic boards that I needed help and Enforcer (from the Epic boards) came to the rescue.

Enforcer guided me to some great places, but he had a gut feeling about the fountain. So we checked there again. I had already gone over it a few dozen times, but hey, one more wouldn't hurt. So I climb in, and for some reason I stick my hand in the mouth of the face where the water spurts out. And I flipped! Sure enough it was there. I had trouble getting it out and scraped up my hand pretty good. There was some sort of metal sheet in there, it was pretty sharp.

I say thank you profusely to him, and get off the phone because its about to die. I walk two blocks to my gf's apt to go and crash there, and not two steps away from the door my phone completely dies.

Total time spent searching - 1hr 30min.

So yesterday, I was thinking about the location of that one. And I guess it's because I've lived here for three years and I'm numb to the street names. BUT there is a street that lines up perfectly with where the cog tag was found. The name of that street is Locust St.

Here are the pics:

Pic of it where it was found, it was not visible though. It was deeper in and covered with leaves.

Pic of where the fountain lines up with Locust St. I tried, but the trees were in the way.

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