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TimO42 says:

I almost died last night looking for the Drexel COG in Philly

// Submitted @ 12:20 PM on 11.04.2008

Earlier yesterday I visited Drexel again here in Philly for the fourth time in search of another COG tag. That's when I decided I'd sneak in last night. My girlfriend came with me to stand guard for security. She did great, I looked everywhere I could. Climbed under the trailer in mud/dirt, dug up a ton of holes, nothing.

But that's not the story. After we left that area we walked exactly one block away on 33rd and Walnut. Out of nowhere three cars ran a red light going down Chestnut. One of those cars hit a car that was coming up 33rd, T-boned it. That car spun 180 degrees and would have plowed right into us if it wasn't for the curb stopping it.

We were three feet away.

I grabbed my girlfriend, and pulled us out of the way as fast as I could. After that there was glass and debris everywhere and we were all coughing from it. I check to see if the guy in the car was okay. He was.

The other car stopped half way down the block. I think it was going to do a hit and run, but then decided against it. Security guards and policemen surrounded us all within the minute, or so it seemed like it. We both gave our names as witnesses, and might get a suppena (or however you spell it) to show up in court as witnesses. Great. The cops said that the woman driving the other car was all liquored up.

I'm still very shaken up from the whole ordeal. But it's not like I haven't been close to death a number of times before. I've got a very long list of that which I can rattle off like it's nothing. It's just that I was more worried about my girlfriend than anything.

God, what I go through to try and get a damn cog! :P

You can see where my gf is standing, we were a few feet closer to the car than that.

The totaled car. The car WAS going the complete opposite direction til he spun...

View from across the street.
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