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1 half of the culturedcast crew, I am known to some as a "cultured gamer". I plan to direct flicks eventually. I probably wouldn't be categorized as hardcore by some of you, since I detest all use of "1337" language.
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I've played many many games that have what seems like 100's of hours of replay value. However, the game I just seem to constantly be putting in and playing over and over is a game that had very little intent of replay value.

That would have to be Beyond Good & Evil. I mean, This game easily rivals zelda in it's epic proportions of adventure. Everything about this game mesmerizes me, from how it came about, to the final product.

Anyone who's played this game instantly knows what I'm talking about. The games grown it's own life over the year, with copies being lent from friend to friend to try to get the most people as possible to discover this game.

I really don't understand why ubisoft just doesn't take a chance, and put out Beyond Good & evil 2, I'd buy whatever system it was on. I hope surfergirl is right.

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