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Tim Lefebvre avatar 10:58 AM on 03.11.2008  (server time)
I feel like an explanation is required.

So in my first post, I got alot of shit from alot of you for saying I dislike "1337" speak. There are several reason why I dislike it so much, while reading this, please keep an open mind and don't instantly say "he's a n00b haxxorz". You can go ahead and insult me, it proves nothing beyond the point that your a peasant. However, if you can go ahead and answer in an intelligent manner without a direct attack, then perhaps it would prove to me it isn't a total wasteland our generation.

The very reason I dislike "1337" speak, or any nerd language in general (lets throw kling-on in there just for the sake of it.) Is that as gamers, we are already looked down upon in society as being different, and the "outsiders". Now in more recent knowledge gamers in general have been more accepted, however, the "hardcore gamers" found a way to further alienate themselves from society with this "1337" speak thing.

Also, it makes anyone using it sound so uneducated and honestly, it makes it sound like your not gonna make it any further then your parents basement... unless you get lucky and find yourself a job at mcdonalds. I just can't imagine anyone that speaks "1337" speak have any sort of respectable career. Can you imagine this?

*ring*ring* (the phone rings)

1337 speaker picks it up .

Hello, thanks for calling n00b

Um... ok? anyways, would you happen to have fries?

yez we doz

... was that a yes?


you just lost a sale.


I mean, anyone that speaks "1337" definately gives away this sense that they just don't have any big plans for their lives. It's the equivalent of druggies from the 70's.

Just proves how much a teenage wasteland our generation thing, and I think it's something we shouldn't so openly be promoting.

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