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2:26 PM on 08.25.2014


In my last blog, I talked about Phil Fish having his info hacked which caused him to pull up shop in the video game industry. Now there is more news about hacking in a much larger scale.†

Sony got hacked, along with Blizzard, League of Legends, and Dota 2 servers while the news is reporting that Xbox Live could be next, which is the service that I use for gaming, by a group of hackers called ďLizard SquadĒ that are claiming to be responsible for the attacks according to the information on their Twitter page. I donít condone with what they did because when you use the knowledge to change things on the internet for the worse intentions, then not only are you making multiple peoplesí lives miserable but your also exposing yourself to crime and punishment. You canít stay anonymous while promoting yourselves which isnít a good idea since punishment for cyber crimes are getting harsher every year.†

But not all hackers are bad; there are a few out there that uses their abilities for the greater good. Some are employed to help improve and reinforce firewalls and security to Macs and PCs, others are being utilized to track down cyber criminals, and some may even go further than those actions. Last time I was a victim of someone hacking me, was was when I thought I could get back into Modern Warfare 1 Multiplayer but I found myself in a hack server so when the battle was over, all my skills and levels were reset back to one which was very infuriating since I worked hard for my levels.

I have Xbox Live and I havenít heard them being hacked as much †as Sony, but this is not me saying that Microsoft is better. Frankly; I think the whole argument about Sonyís service being better than Microsoft is stupid. You get the service that you paid for with both sides having their ups and downs but I do know that Microsoft had a security beef up in the past since they expand their services not only to xbox but to other Microsoft services like MSN and Live email, One Drive, Windows Phone, and various version of Outlook. With So in my opinion, I think they are the most secured.

Hacking has gotten pretty popular with video games in recent days since Watch Dogs has been released. Hacking in video games have actually been around since the late 90s with games like Metal Gear Solid series, .Hack Series, and even Goldeneye showing how fun it is to hack into a computer system and start causing chaos. This is in no way saying that video games are responsible for the hackers that live in this day and age.†

Thats pretty much for this blog. Next time I think I might write about my experience with the Destiny Beta. I was also meaning to write something about the current game that Iíve been playing which is Dishonored but I thought I would throw this out first.

See you next time.   read

10:12 AM on 08.23.2014

Current State Of Affairs

Its been a while since i've posted a blog on Destructoid; looks like the last one was about the first few somethings about Resident Evil 6. In video game history, that feels like it was such a long time ago which two years is a long time but with video games, your the next big thing for maybe a year or two then your a thing of the past. Depending how good it did, it can be remembered as one of the great ones or just be completely forgotten altogether but that was then and this is now.

Looking through the video games news these days, I hear about bad journalism and scandals over certain video games and certain game developers but I usually don't do a lot of research into that sort of thing since scandals happens daily in every category of the world. Also I don't have enough info about the whole Zoe Quinn situation so I'm not even going to get into that.

What I would like to get into Phil Fish selling his company after getting his info hacked. Hacking is a terrible business but its one of those many risks that you go through when you put yourself on the internet such is the times that we live in. Now I know everybody knows about Phil Fish's history. I watched the Indie Games:The Movie, read the twitter pages, read about his battle with Marcus Beer in the past and ultimately quitting the indie game industry. I thought I read somewhere in his twitter that he had came back and Fez 2 was under way but I figured that Phil Fish was like a on/off switch with a REALLY short fuse. I personally think he needs to commit to his work and his opinion so next time this happens, he won't have to back down in such a way that he has shown in the past. That is what its all about these days; commitment and legacy which Fez was a really fun game that may not need a sequel because if a video game has done so well, then the sheer history would sell it for years to come across multiple platforms and in different forms. Mind you; standards for video games are impossibly high then what they were like during the days of Shigeru Miyamoto.


Phil Fish; I don't know you personally but I know of your work which I personally enjoy so don't give up on doing the things you like.

On to the next thing.

It seems like depression has been a hop topic for the longest time and now with Robin William's death, its gotten bigger. When my grandfather was alive, he reminded me so much of Robin Williams so I always thought that as long as Robin Williams was alive, I would always have a part of my grandfather that was alive with me. So Robin Williams's passing has left me in a little bit of depression because not only did I lose my favorite actor, but I also had to let go of that part of my grandfather for the final time.

I'm sorry; I know it sounds selfish but I couldn't put in any better words. Depression isn't fun and it can be life threatening; when your going through depression, its a harsh and painful battle within one's self. Your fighting points and counter points about your reason to live, self doubt, opinions of others and how they reflect to you, and other things that can't be mention. We also reflect depression in video games as well. My depression was getting lost in Elder Scroll games and shutting out the world around me. When Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind came out; I spent weeks, and sometimes months, working, sleeping, eating, and playing Morrowind while shutting out the world around me. I was fighting so many internal demons that I couldn't deal with the world which lead to confronting a painful reality when I mustered the courage to put the controller down and start living life again. Again; depression is no easy thing and everybody has to find their own resolve to learn to live again so I do encourage putting the controller down and finding your way out of your own dungeon.

Just the advice from a fellow gamer.

As anyone can see, I'm playing Skyrim which is a Elder Scrolls game and means I'm in a state where I'm looking to what do with myself and yeah... I'm depressed. I will admit it but I know how to get myself out of my depression ways and its not as bad as it was when I had Morrowind.

I'm looking forward to Destiny being released next month since it will be the first game released by Bungie since Halo: Reach. I got be one of the lucky people who got to test it out on beta. I'm not too keen on the idea that the game will have to be always online because what if I lose my internet or what if the game becomes unpopular and no one is there half of the time but the way the times are rolling, I expect the next generation of video games will have that always online function to him. I see Destiny as the soon-to-be next milestone in video game history. I played a hunter class because I'm more into playing the exploration and Player vs Enemy than I am for Player vs Player. Player vs Player felt like the old halo formula but with a few added stuff but this could change because what I played was just the beta. I did enjoy the exploration and coop functions so when I start playing Destiny then thats where you will find me. Among the wastelands and away from the Crucible which I hope that Bungie adds special events to that part of Destiny than just the Crucible.

Thats it for now

See you next time.   read

2:45 AM on 10.02.2012

Resident Evil 6: The First Hour or so..

So I got out of work early so I could pick up my copy of Resident Evil 6 but when I got home and started the game up, I was sent through this crazy action pack tutorial which shown me a brief example on how the controls worked. it also left some random portion of the story on a cliffhanger which is fine I guess since I have no earthly clue whats going on. I already knew that the plot of the story was intertwine with each of the main characters so I decided to start off with Leon's campaign. Now mind you; I have yet to try the other campaigns so I don't know what they are like and this opinion is completely based on Leon's campaign. Usually with Resident Evil, you get some kind of introduction about whats going on however this time, your not. You start off right after you shoot the president in the middle of a black out. You know that Leon knows something weird is going on and you know Helena knows maybe more about it but you have no idea what has happened except of some weird fog that rushes into the city which you find out by some random no-name NPC that dies within five minutes into the game. The game works off of a plot-filler type of story-telling which after so much time in the game, it tells you more of the back story.

Now the game play; I was the exact opposite of a fan toward Operation Raccoon City with it's cover system in which most of the time, it absorbed most of the bullets except for the one that gets you right in the brain and the gun play was also less accurate than it should be with you constantly running out of ammo from firing a full clip just to kill one enemy that wasn't a zombie half of the time. I would say that the exact same game play has transferred over to Resident Evil 6 since within the first hour; I spend myself literally stumbling in the dark as zombie catches me to my disadvantage and increasing the brightness controls does not help it as the game was design to be almost completely dark all the time. the flashlights are nice to have when Leon decides to use them and even then, they are not powerful enough to pierce the darkness before the next zombie kills you.

When your out of ammo, which happened frequently, you can use your kick skills and survival knife to slash at zombies which is pretty much useless as the zombies still get their hits in and eventually Leon wears down to the point where you have to wait so much time to recover before you can physically hit a zombie. In fact, by the time you completely rested up, Helena would have eliminated all the threats with her random sorts of gun types. But its not all bad since Helena is a excellent AI partner compared to Shiva from Resident Evil 5 and She is determine to keep you alive to the very end. Most of the time when I'm in the clutches of a zombie and the reality button combos are not working for me, she is able to pull the trigger just in time. Its also impressive in this game to see that the AI was smart enough to move out of the way in the darkness when I stumbled into incoming train. When you go down, Helena will heal you to the point where if get hurt one more time, then you will be dead. however if you die so many times, the game will actually reset your stats with a full life bar and fatigue bar.

I'll be honest; I died in the subway by a hoard of zombie because I was out of ammo and was literally too tired to fight. I almost debated throwing this game out into the yard due to frustration but I'm going to try it again but this time with Infinite ammo mode on to see if it helps any, At this point; I don't care if it prohibits me from getting any achievements because I want to see how it all ends.

More as it develops.   read

1:34 AM on 09.28.2012

Reflect on Resident Evil

So its almost been a year since the last time I have ever written anything after suffering from a massive writer's block so I thought should start off with a reflection of the Resident Evil series since the next game in the series will be coming out next week.

First time I ever heard about Resident Evil was from a fellow class mate in high school who was describing the claws of the tyrant from the first game which lead me to buying my first Playstation but unfortunately I didn't start playing Resident Evil from the first game and instead started playing Resident Evil 2 all the way through. Resident Evil 2 was very scary to me since there wasn't a lot of games back then that advanced on the jump factor of the horror genre at the time. Resident Evil 2 made you feel like something was about jump out and kill you at every corner with scarce ammo to defend yourself with and very little health to start with. My favorite character was Claire, who searched the city of the dead for her lost brother Chris, which I sort of related to from being a big brother and other things but I didn't care much for Leon outside of being the only surviving law enforcement in that game. I still wonder who that mystery girl was at the end of the senario B was because I'm not entirely sure it was the person everyone thinks it was.

I came across the original Resident Evil out of a bargain bin back when EB Games were called Electronic Boutique. I didn't pay attention to the bad dialog and I seemed to like both of the main characters equally but that game did not need jump factor as the lack of background music in parts of the manor plus the howling and other crazy noises that you heard was enough to scare the pants off me until finally stop being such a wuss and played the game through. The story was not terribly in depth but if it wasn't for playing Resident Evil 2 first then I would have given back Resident Evil but everybody loves a good back story so I kept it.

By the time Resident Evil 3 came out, I was used to the traditional Resident Evil game play however I notice it got less scary and more gun toting. I also saw Jill had a little bit more personality than the ditsy and scared little soldier girl trying to survivor a manor full of monsters which was a good thing. the monsters were the same as the last three games with the exception of the Nemesis which wasn't all frightening but rather an annoying pest that just wouldn't stay dead. It was so frustrating that by the end of the game, Jill was trying to kill the Nemesis out of shear aggravation rather than just trying to survive. The UBC were a night plot hole filler but they had no personality except for Carlos which was another character that I didn't care for and hope to never see again. I have no words for Nicholai which I thought was a shotty excuse for a human antagonist and glad to see what came to him.

Moving on from there, I didn't get to play Code Veronica until it came to the Playstation 2 with its own brigade of Resident Evil side stories that didn't make a single foot note in the main story line. If your not going to be any where involved in the main plot line, then it should not even share the same name and no; Resident Evil: Outbreak should not even existed in the first place. Back to Code Veronica; I'm glad to see they put the eerie-ness and uneasy feeling back into Resident evil when that game came out. it was even more difficult than the second game with ammo scarcity all over the place. The story and the characters were interesting and I admit that I felt regret when they put Claire in the situation of killing somebody that could have been a potential love Interest. I was also shocked to see Wesker to be alive and a super powered, Neo wannabe that Chris had little chance to defeat. You can say at this point that Chris, as a character, grew on me and it was cool to see the Redfield siblings reuniting to fight off the last bit of horrors that Umbrella had kept on ice; so to speak.

Sometime after this game was made, Capcom to decide to remake the original and later on make a prequel to the remade original which I admit that I was too cheap to buy a gamecube just for those reasons alone plus at that point in my life, I despised prequels and I wasn't going to buy the same game that I already had no matter how much they revamped the story and the game. I heard from several friends that the game was definitely scary and worth playing which I'm sure it is but I'll never play it for some reason after another.

Resident Evil 4 was eventually re-released for the Playstation 2 and it was the characters and monsters that killed it for me. I didn't like the idea of Leon surviving the zombie horror of Raccoon City only to become a bad ass body guard for the President's daughter and the daughter was so annoying that I wish I drown her in the lake. they made yet another character just like Nicholai from Resident Evil 3 in the form of a soldier name Krauser. Most of the time in the game, he was just a unwanted nuisance hiding between powerful antgonists and side characters that meant to give us a shock to the system. By the time i beat the game, I liked Leon even less but happy to see a sort of happy ending outside ominous question mark ending.

When Resident evil 5 came out, I enjoyed playing as Chris again and even though Jill wasn't his partner anymore, it was pretty shocking to see her role in the game and Sheva was an ok character that wasn't terribly interesting. At that point, Resident Evil stopped being scary for me and started to be more of an action series which I accepted because everyone has to run out ideas of being scary eventually. I mean the horror genre of movies and some game series are essentially dead at this point. this game gave closure for me with a lot of old characters and old enemies and when it got to the end, despite the crazy gun kung fu along the way, I could see Capcom pulling the plug on the Resident Evil series and even accepted this but instead they release a massive list of side stories that involved main plot characters with game play less entertaining than whats in the original series.

now the sixth entry will be coming out soon and i've seen previews of what is in stored for our heroes and to me, it looks like one giant plot hole from Hell but I think the what is less frightening about it are the zombies. But If I can get use to Splinter Cell becoming a Jason Borne video game rip off then I'm sure I can get used to the action within Resident Evil 6 but honestly, I though I saw someone in that game use a infected, fully intact, zombie as a bullet shield. Would you honestly use a zombie as a bullet shield while knowing that they can infect with a single bite? Oh well; I guess I will see for myself   read

5:06 PM on 12.19.2011

Giving: A Family Tradition

Christmas is that one time of the year where the world forgets about its troubles and thinks of others. Giving gifts and helping others has been a time honored tradition that has survived over a hundred years on this one specific day. Santa could truly be called a gamer from the countless children who received video games as gifts. I'm happy to say that me and my brother were two those children who asked their parents for a new Super Nintendo or just another video game for their collection.

Christmas was much more that just a holiday to me since I was born on Christmas Eve so not only did my parents gave me a christmas present but also a birthday cake and a birthday present and usually my birthday present was the one that cost the most. My grandparents and my parents always knew that video games would be part of our lives so one Christmas; my grandfather and mother chipped in to get me a Nintendo 64 for my birthday present and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time as my Christmas present. My brother was too young at the time to get video games as presents but as he grew, he followed his big brothers steps and he started to get video games as presents as well. It was the best Christmas I ever had with my family.

Fifteen years later; I'm still celebrating Christmas with my wife and brother but think less of my birthday each year even though my wife will never let me forget about my birthday while I celebrate my Christmas. Both of my grandparents and our mother have past away but their memory will never be forgotten and my brother will always have his father, his aunt, and his big brother to carry on the tradition which my family has honored long before I was born.

This is my brother with my dog, Shadow; he is nineteen now and his aunt got him a Playstation three so I got him this for Christmas.

Anyways; happy holidays everybody.

TikiGhost signing off.


1:36 PM on 12.14.2011

Shopping: Stores or the Internet.

For many years; I have always bought games from local video game stores because of a few bad experiences I had online but that was seven years ago and online shopping as evolved since then. I used to buy DVDs and games on amazon all the time but after receiving a few bad DVDs and paying overpriced shipping costs, I decided to retire my amazon account. Over the years; I just stuck with buying games and DVDs at stores because they were closer and usually well stocked.

The problem with buying in local stores is the prices on merchandise will always remain the same unless the inventory becomes crowded with unsold copies of games and movies then the price will drop. There will also be times that the copies you so desire will no longer be in stock and will not be refilled based on general interest of the customer's need to purchase said merchandise. There will also be the possibility, such as certain animes, tv shows, and video games, that the local stores may not carry what you want and never will. At that point; you can suck it up and hope the next local store will have you want and your only option is to start purchasing from online stores. Video game stores, such as Gamestop, will sell you new games and old games at a reduced price, offer special deals for being their customers, and offer to purchase your old games for in-store credit. Its the same issue though; because of stock availability and the fact that Gamestop stores no longer provides reasonable offers for trading in old games and systems like they used to so using in-store credit is no longer the option.

Its not all bad because buying from stores avoids shipping cost and you have the ability to inspect your merchandise before you attempt to purchase it; most of the time. You also get trained employees to ask about your product or if you have a problem with and if its a issue cannot resolve by them, then they will happy to work out some type of arrangement.

As we reach the future; online purchasing is growing in popularity especially with downloadable content and direct download of pc games and video games but online stores also have their downsides. When ordering from online stores, you can purchase merchandise that may or may not be available in local stores at reduce prices which they always win over local stores however; based on where you go to order your product, customer support can be rare because either they are run by an automated system or they just do not have the amount of communication that they business needs to satisfy their customers. You may also purchase the wrong product that is listed as the right product and pay overpriced shipping costs and handling for something you never wanted in the first place. There is also possibility of time delays and the product might have been damaged by unforeseen events. Handling of your money can also be a problem because the slightest mistake on their end could cost you quite a deal of money.

On my personal opinion, I'm giving online stores, such as Amazon, another chance of redemption but i'm avoiding any online stores that are not well heard of or their website looks like it was designed by a nine year old kid. I'm doing this because there are somethings that my local Gamestop and Wal-mart wont have and if they do, then I'm not paying their prices if I can find it cheaper with the roughly the same quality. I can be patient so waiting for something to arrive in the mail is no problem but if the shipping cost is more than what its worth then I will be buying what I want from one of the local stores.

Anyways Christmas shoppers and gamers of the world; I ask you to watch what you purchase and a good night.

TikiGhost signing off.   read

4:23 PM on 12.08.2011

My Birthday Blog

On December 24th, 1981; I was born in a hospital during one of the worst blizzards that Tennessee ever saw. I would have been an orphan if my father didn't take both charges for a crime that he and my mother did so I owe my father a lot and while growing up, video games were one my very few outlets in life and I was very happy when my grandfather got me my first Nintendo. From that point, video games have been part of my and will probably be part of my future children's life.

I don't think much of turning 30 except for a few more grey hairs and a few more hopes to the future. Going 20 to to 30 was a blast because it was the decade that I met my wife; watch my brother graduate, and move out of Knoxville and even though I'm studying different methods of drawing, I'm also practicing to be a writer and hope to get a job reviewing video games for a living once I've got my grammar correct in all the right places.

Maybe In the next ten years, the video game industry will expand into virtual reality and be successful this time around. Capcom will most likely have rebooted the Resident Evil Series like they are doing with Devil May Cry. I hope to see SquareEnix return to its roots back when a Final Fantasy game was more than just a movie with a couple of battle segments in it. I can't wait to see the next Tomb Raider and Fall of Cybertron and Prey 2 since I had a lot of fun with the original Prey even though it was rather long for a shooter.

Thats enough from me; gamers of the future.

This is TikiGhost wishing you a merry Christmas or happy holiday or whatever.

TikiGhost signing off.


10:36 PM on 12.05.2011

My Review of Saints Row the Third

This game was fun..... what? Oh right; I think I need to write more than that. First of all; this is my personal opinion about this game so if you like it then let me know and if it not, oh well. I have never played any of the other Saints Row games because I thought they would all be just GTA rip offs like the ones that came before however I have been pleasantly surprise about Saints Row The Third but If there was any reason for me to play the other two games would be just for back story at this point.

Lets just get straight to the point; If your going to play Saints Row the Third for the story then I would have to tell you not to take it seriously. You are the boss of the Steelwater 3rd Street Saints and you find out fairly quickly that the Saints are celebrities in the own city however due to unfortunate events, the Saints land themselves in a new city with no money, no weapons, or anything. The object of the game is to take over the city of Steelport and eliminate the rival gangs that rule over it. Most of the time, you will notice that the Saints will run into awkward moments that won't really make you laugh but will at least put a smile on your face as I admit that I enjoyed the humor when a certain character made his entrance. All the characters have their own personal quirks and personality but I would say my favorite one would be Kinzie with her shut-in personality and her crazed intelligence gathering.

This is where you can see that the developer really put their heart and soul into this game as you can fully customize your character from each curve to the last. At first I thought all the clothing options were availible since I spent a great deal of time playing with the initiation station download. Pretty much everything can customize from weapons to vehicles. Vehicles are everywhere and different from each other with their own weaknesses and strengths as well as the air and sea vehicles which I highly recommend the VTOL fighter when you get it and its crazy jet and hover mode. As you increase your finances, you will notice that there will be special upgrades that you can do to yourself and your gang; even as going as becoming invincible to bullets among other things.

Outside the goofy weapons; Saints Row the Third has the same run in the mill combat system like any other sandbox game except for a few different techniques involving hand to hand combat and crotch shots. When your fighting against ten people all by yourself, you will notice how quickly your health will drain and unless you do the quick car theft maneuver, then you will notice that trying to escape a gun fight in a vehicle can be extremely annoying because your character will not always do what its told. The same can be said for the much larger vehicles such as tanks and jets but with much more difficulty. Calling for your personal vehicle can be handy most of the time unless your on a really complicated street and yes; your npc gang members will get lost.

I'm not much of a sound guy but I can say sound effects are definitely quality stuff and I spent the majority of the time listening to Adult Swim's radio station which was hosted by Delocated's John and other radio stations seem to have a number of popular songs ranging from old to new.

I have no complaints about the graphics of the game since there was very few glitches except for the awkward ones such as the humping dump truck or landing your vehicle on it side and unable to do anything about it unless you hit it with another vehicle. The endings to the game were very satisfying to me and there is enough side missions to keep you playing for a long while, pending how many hours you put into a video game in a single day.

I'm going to wrap this up fairly quickly since its getting late and now my words are starting to merge together so I hope you all enjoy the game and I can't wait to see the DLC the comes out for it even thought it will take a entire year to release all the content.

That is all I have to say gamers of the universe
Tikighost Signing off...


10:39 PM on 11.30.2011

The Would-Be Zombie Apocalypse

Thirty or more years ago and in some place in Hollywood, zombie movies were frightening because it brought the concept of what would happened if the dead came back to life but the concept became so popular, I don't know if George Romero, the godfather of zombie movies, could fathom how big it has became in the last few years. Years back; my friends would ask what I would do if the zombie apocalypse occurred which back then I thought it would be frightening and horrific world to live it but now and days, I don't think the zombies would have much of a chance.

I'm not sure about anyone else but I rarely heard of the popularity of zombie, outside a very few movies, until Resident Resident evil came out in 1996. Back then; zombie games were just as tough as the movies depicted them but as the title grew in number and other games started to rise from dead, such as House of Dead, Left 4 Dead, and this year's Dead Island, zombies became more tame then dangerous. Whats even crazy is that I believe the film industry has be drowned out by the release of so many zombie games and downloadable content.

your probably thinking I'm ridiculous about talking about tamed zombies and there a few that would contest against me that all these zombie movies and zombie video games will not mean a thing if it actually happens however will tell you to look up a movie called "Fido" or watch the bonus features of "Shaun of the Dead" to prove my case.

The zombie apocalypse is so unlikely that Mel Brooks's son, Max Brooks, wrote a book on surviving the zombie outbreak which sold fairly well and I would not be surprise if everyone had their own copy by now except for me since I spend all my money buying zombie survival games. The U.S. military has also became so advance in technology to combat the war on terrorism that I don't see how a zombie uprising could even take place or even last for a long period of time.

Anyways; there will always be someone out there that will tell me I'm wrong and that it could still happened but I personally think the film and game industry needs to reinvent their zombie image and zombie weaknesses before it becomes completely harmless and ultimately getting a bullet in its brain pan for the final time.

That is all from me; members of the gaming world....

TikiGhost going back into the grave.   read

1:26 AM on 11.16.2011

Fall of Cybertron

So last month, I got to read about the upcoming Transformers game, Fall of Cybertron. Game Informer showed a good amount of details about the game especially about the dinobots. I was happy to see grimlock would be included but if he is a playable character, I don't really like his transformation sequence which he is a robot who can only transform in his t-rex form when his rage meter is completely filled. It looks like they added more characters to the playable roster in the campaign and it makes me wonder if the original playable roster will also be included as well.

One of the main reasons why I bought War For Cybertron was for the multiplayer which the gameplay was fine but the buggy connection issues was kinda of a throw back for me plus nobody likes the "He; who has the better connection wins" multiplayer unless your the one benefiting from having the best connection. I know its a old argument which I will never win at but better connection orientated multiplayer was expected in first gen. Xboxes and in recent years even the Halo franchise has improved on this dilemma so I hope Fall of Cybertron's multiplayer will be better than first transformer's game.

And I'm just going to let the reviewers fight against each other on the Dark of the Moon video game.

Anyways; I'm signing off on another game related topic.
Good night video gamers of the world.

No Picture this time because not all blogs need a picture of something.   read

8:10 PM on 11.09.2011

Batman Coma

Just as it says because I'm been playing Batman: Arkham City for three weeks and I have basically forgotten about the world outside of eating, sleeping, and showing attention to my wife. I can tell you that all aspects listed take up a crazy and consuming amount of my night and day............ Love you honey!?

Anyways; I've been playing Batman for three weeks and I'm still not finished so Its made me become completely burned out on Batman for a while so thats why I've been playing old games like Rainbow Six and Blazblue. I know; its a weird combination but I guess video gaming is just like craving paticular types of food and I won't be buying video games until the beginning of the new year except for Saints Row The Third. You probably asking yourself why am I making a big deal about buying video games when there is plenty of services that will allow you rent video games such as gamefly. Well I guess you can say I grew out of randomly buying games before researching them and I've became attached to a few selective vide game series and genres. I used to rent video games all the time while I was growing up but that old nagging feeling always came back that even if I really liked the video game, I still would have to return it until I can afford it or If I bought it after renting it and beated it afterwards then I would feel like I bought the game for nothing if it didn't have some type of replay value. Thats me in a nut shell but atleast I'm out of my coma before Batman sucks me back in. Thank god I'm not buying Skyrim because I probably wouldn't snap out of it til months on end.

Well this is me, TikiGhost, signing off on another crazy rant disguised as a blog.
Good night video gamers of the world.


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