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Swelling with epic lulz, this screenshot pulled from teh Duke Nukem Forever trailer is fairly indicative of where the Duke stands.

Things to note:

• Infinitely long rock star tour bus to the right, with large thick splats of 'blood' but lacking any other visible damage. Okay. Sure, that makes sense.

• Intimidating alien folk in the foreground, who's blobbish non-defined weaponry intimidates with its severe lack of texture or definition. In other words, it looks like he grabbed a weapon-like piece of sanded concrete to defend himself with. Alright, fine.

• Can we say "Distracting Motion blur" city? The location of said chaos looks like a Midgar + Las Vegas + Photoshop Blur Filter: Radius 10pt. Novel.

• Smaller alien folk launching over conveniently poised Police Car (Cuidado! The Police means DANGER). Clearly avoiding the scene so as to escape embarrassment.

Moral of the story: an underwhelming tease.

As Mr. Jared a la Gametap so eloquently put it, "It looks like something Nintendo would have shown off back in like 1995 as a tech demo for the ULTRA SIXTY FOUUUUUUUUUR"

[Thanks be to Tree Boss for the tip tipp-a, who stole the keys to my bimma]

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