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TifaIA avatar 10:38 AM on 11.20.2011  (server time)
Force Spam

The NDA has been lifted! Iíve been waiting for 355 days to say this:

I am a full-time tester for the Star Wars Old Republic beta.

Whew! You donít know how good it feels to say that. Iíve been keeping my mouth shut from the moment I received the e-mail that I would be testing the game, because I knew of the backlash from friends and family.

For 355 days Iíve only been allowed to say the following:

1.) There is currently a beta for TOR.
2.) I am currently in beta testing for TOR.

Thatís it! Anything else and they could have thrown the ban-hammer at me. Iíve seen it! Itís not pretty. >.> However in fear of perpetual harassment by all who I know, I kept it to myself. But now, now with it being opened up for general weekend testing and all of my friends and family getting in to play, I am free to profess my love, and hate, for TOR.

Of all of the MMOís that I have tested in the past, this is the only one where Iíve been so tight-lipped. There has been so much hype and interest surrounding this game for years that the last thing I wanted to be was the person that spoiled it.

Odd, right?

Loads of people have been posting videos, screenshots, and job details for months since beta began. But I didnít want to be one of them. Not for fear of being caught, but to hold onto some sense of purity in the joy of experiencing a game for the first time. I didnít want to be the one that ruined the surprise of the game for another. Even for myself there are still aspects in TOR that I have yet to see to keep something new for me at launch.

It sounds silly doesnít it? Especially with the floodgates now open. But there is a part of me that feels like a kid when it comes to a new game. That first time opening the box. The smell of the cardboard box or the plastic case. The shiny disc inside (or in my case a cartridge for a number of years). The game manual with its crisp, new pages. And that moment of putting the game into the system and seeing the first images; itís just magical.

I would hate to be that person that took away that feeling for someone who has been eagerly waiting for TOR.

For those who may think that Iím nuts, itís totally possible to be oblivious about this game if you put a little bit of effort into it. The job that Iím playing at launch is Imperial Agent and Iíve been able to keep myself completely out of any conversations regarding the story-line so that I can experience it at the gameís release. For 355 days. It wasnít difficult, really.

And while I may be posting up a bunch of spoilers on my Geek Spot full-blown blog, Iím headlining everything with a bold warning, and providing enough spacing to keep images and text out of sight for those who may not want to read it.

One month to go until release. I hope Iím not the one to spoil your fun.

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