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Tidemouth avatar 9:55 PM on 06.21.2013  (server time)
What people might be missing about E3 2013.

E32013 showed us a lot of cool and shiny new games and consoles. Sony, Microsoft, UbiSoft, and EA held some great press conferences and Nintendos E3 Nintendo Direct showed me new Smash Bros for 3DS so I literally went out and bought a 3DS that day.

What a lot of people missed this year though, is how the gaming industry is taking it’s baby steps into the Next-Generation of gaming. I’m not talking about PS5 and Xbox Infinity, I’m talking about the Virtual Reality gaming.

The Oculus Rift has shown us just how near VR gaming really is back at PAX East, and the indie dev team that made their Guillotine simulator showed us some of the applications…. but this E3, EVE Online developers demoed their Oculus Rift flight simulator game that they put together in 7 week on 20% of their normal work schedule. They’ve shown that we can really get more in-depth with what we make for future VR games.

Xbox One revealed their Kinect 2 and how it can damn near perfectly follow the skeletal structure of a human. Now, Motion detection in games are nearing perfection, and we have the Oculus Rift as a headset…. not to mention we’ve already got the Scent Collar, a neck piece that deploys fragrances pre-programmed to VR environments. [My grandmother was part of the development team for that one]

We’ve got all the tools to take Virtual Reality to the next level… it’s only a matter of time until someone really picks up on this.

All I can say is I’m really excited for an Elder Scrolls 7 Virtual Reality Release in 2018.

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