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Tia Nadiezja avatar 1:50 AM on 09.14.2013  (server time)
Trigon Rapes the Multiverse, Solomon Grundy's Wife is Sexually Exploited

Cross-posted from my blog.

So, I’ve read three comics issues tonight, all of which there’s deeper reviews of coming.  Scott Snyder’s Batman was wonderful; the other two… not so much.
I know it’s Villain Month.  I know the Nineties happened and The Dark Knight Returned happened and The Killing Joke happened and Watchmen happened and Villain Month means dark, dreadful happenings.
But when I read two issues, back to back, set in different realities, bearing no plot connection to each other whatsoever, and they both feature narratives built around horrific sex crimes against women - crimes that end in the deaths of those women - there’s something wrong.
I spend a lot of time defending DC.  I love most of their work.  I’d love to be able to defend them tonight, but I’m not sure I want to read any more of their books tonight, in spite of having a few on my queue that I’m quite sure I’d enjoy.
Teen Titans has Trigon come into existence, mystically rape a woman so she would give birth to him and allow him to escape an exile dimension, then go taking universes over and killing the men and raping the women, the vast bulk of whom die in short order from something related to the experience.
Earth 2 gives us Grundy’s origin story, which hinges on a moment where Solomon, as a living man, learns that his wife is being sexually exploited by his employer.  She, after an indeterminate time dealing with that, kills herself, which motivates Solomon to murder his coworkers and his boss before killing himself.  Solomon’s wife is, in other words, both introduced and fridged in less than a dozen pages.
There’s a problem here.

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