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Tia Nadiezja's blog

1:50 AM on 09.14.2013

Trigon Rapes the Multiverse, Solomon Grundy's Wife is Sexually Exploited

Cross-posted from my blog. So, I’ve read three comics issues tonight, all of which there’s deeper reviews of coming.  Scott Snyder’s Batman was wonderful; the other two… not so much. I know it’s Villain Month.  I know the Ni...   read

4:56 AM on 06.23.2013

Star Trek

Star Trek Online posted a blog post a couple of days ago. I felt a need to reply, because I saw a good bit of rose-tinted glasses, and if there's one thing I can't stand to do, it's not shatter people's rose-tinted glasses. ...   read

3:57 AM on 05.15.2013

Gender Identity, Sony, and Journey

My name is Tia, and I am a transgender gamer. The process of transition can be difficult, emotionally and practically.  Even if one doesn’t intend to undergo physical transition through hormones and surgery, it involves lega...   read

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