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Two of my favorite things.

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Hi, I'm "Thymine" but also go by Totchii. I currently study Game art & design (which kind of isn't rare), but I'm trying to switch schools to do more illustration/animation. I was introduced to games at a young age by my father, through the NES and Turbo Grafix-16.

Two of my favorite games are Super Metroid & Portal. I also like to play Katamari or Geometry Wars when drunk. Idek. I don't bite.

Also likes:
Asian horror movies
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4:21 PM on 11.12.2009

I think Katamari has grown into one of those games where a good amount of people know what you're talking about. Then again there are those people who still look at you crazy when you tell them you roll things up, but screw them anyways. Still, it amazes me sometimes when the person you least expect to know about it, has played it. It's gotten to the point in which, maaaybe everyone does love Katamari.

It's fun and quirky, which is probably why I tend to turn back to it a lot when doing projects sometimes.

^Previously failed screen print which I didn't get to print on a bag or shirt. It revolved around multi-project purposes of "popular" for pop art and also the word "connected".

But, the point is I can't seem to get away from the prince.

I recently had to do a project based on "symmetry", in which the paper would be folded in half and cut to make patterns appear even on both sides. I don't know why, but I couldn't think of anything else but Katamari Damacy... as the nananas were stuck in the back of my head.

I imagined it would be something like this, but their was a restriction of only using one color as the background to mount the paper on... plus, it was a bit plain for a design class.

I drew out the general idea on a 18x24 piece of paper, originally placing the prince, a panda, a akabei/blinky pac ghost, rainbow, and fawn. After a few critiques, more things were added and re--arranged.

I was a bit nervous because I have never done a paper cut out before. Plus, all the remaining paper had to be connected together in the end. This made me nervous for the details, but especially for the stars because they could easily be ripped off (which happened twice :( ). Slowly pieces of paper got cut away, and their were casualties Well paper casualties, and the fact my hand hurts from doing detailed cuts - which makes me think I will get carpel tunnel sooner or later. Not to mention lack of sleep and loss of sanity.

I am not sure if I'd ever want to do paper cut out art again, but I do love Katamari.
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