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4:13 PM on 03.07.2010

Wii: The ultimate gaming system!

Okay so I have been hearing a lot of things about the Nintendo Wii not being a gaming system. Well, I have come up with five of what I think to be valid reasons for why the Wii is the ultimate gaming system. These reasons are obviously posted below.

Reason 1. The Wii is a family system.

Yes that's right the Wii is for everybody to enjoy. In most picture you see a bunch of people smiling and playing their Wii. Also you know what? They are all happy! Four different people playing some fun game on the Wii. They aren't playing Call of Duty or MAG and getting pissed because some sniper obviously did not kill them even though the game says he did. No that doesn't happen on a Wii. Everybody is happy and laughs when they lose. So that means nobody will throw their Wii-mote or other swingy thingy and break something in anger.

Reason 2. It was the first system to have Motion Sensor.
Great project Natal? Obviously Microsoft getting jealous at the Wii's Motion technology. The Wii was the first to have their motion tech and there for everybody else who does it is just stealing their idea and claiming it for their own. I mean they only came up with the idea after the Wii had come out. I say those other company's should grab a new idea and not rip off Nintendo.

Reason 3.Its made by Nintendo.

Okay everybody knows that if Nintendo but their logo on dirt or a pile of shit somebody would pay millions for it. Nintendo is the greatest of all companies. Its just a fact. If you tell me you don't like Nintendo your lying. No options on that. Nintendo owns all gaming companies and the people in them....

Reason 4. It can be hacked easily.

Yes that's right the Wii is hackable. Not only that be then it can be used to play Earthbound! Earthbound the pinnacle of all games. Once you can play that on the Wii you will then realize why the Wii is the ultimate gaming system. It will smack you in the face like a pimp does to his whores and it will hurt. Why? Well because, you will realize how weak your Xbox or PS3 is compared to this amazing system.

Reason 5. Wii prints monies!

Wii Prints the monies. Enough said.   read

7:44 PM on 03.01.2010

Oh Hi there!

Okay well......this is well obviously my first blog post on here ever so yes I am nervous a little cause I almost have no idea how much I should type for this damned thing. Oh well, here goes nothing...
Yeah I am semi-new to all of this, I have been browsing around DToid for a while and now I racked up the courage to make a blog entry thing! I am younger then most gamers of this era or at least I think so but I still have most of the systems ever made. Yes that means I have the Atari...if that's special or anything I wouldn't know anymore sadly. Now all I use is my 360 and PC for gaming. Which works pretty well since they are right next to each other in my room.

I figured I should start off my favorite list of games with something like this.....

If you do not know what that is right there I believe you are missing a very important part of life and should be trapped in a mental house...NOW! Why do I think that? Well that there is the Power Armour from the glorious game Fallout 3. This game has taken my life away from me time and time again. Seriously I started playing just yesterday again! I believe in my own opinion Fallout is hands down one of the best games ever made. I love watching the lone wanderer from vault 101 go on this completely insane mission to give people water..yes water! The poor person (if you choose so) can even sacrifice himself for the sake of giving the capitol wasteland this water which is an insanely noble thing to do and not to mention slightly crazy.

My next game on the list comes from one company who does not know the meaning of a short easy game. I have no clue what in hell your thinking of because I am thinking of the one and only Bioware and what game by Bioware well of course there are three I can choose from but I love the one that has the name of some animal I have taken an almost obsession to.

Dragons have taken up the rest of the life that I have that isn't already taken up by games, friends, and the only loved one who is held higher then games (not my mother!). So when I heard Bioware was making a game called Dragon age and found out there were dragons in it. I almost fainted. Then I found out you never control an actual dragon....i got pissy and still got the game. I have played through this game almost ten times now and am still not bored with it though. I dunno if that is sad or something to be proud of. But again its almost like Fallout. You got the one true Gray Warden (cause Alistars a damn pussy) who again can (if chosen to do so) sacrifice himself for the good of an entire nation! Now there will be an expansion released for this game not only that but a week after my birthday!

One final thing as well. Before I draw this what I say to be an okay first post that will probably be ridiculed until the end of time to an end. I feel like I must point out something I am again proud of. My birthday is Tuesday, March 9th this day is even more special to me because of one game. I really hope people reading this knows what that one game is because it is the first of its kind to not be a sony exclusive.

Yes, here it is the one Final Fantasy that will be on the Xbox 360 that also is released on my birthday. A game I shall have soon after my birthday or on the day of.

Yeah that is all I have to say about that well.....thanks for reading this semi-okay blog post of mine. Criticize me if you must for I am a noob and will admit my mistakes. But I am here now on DToid and hopefully will get better at this thing.   read

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