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6:19 AM on 07.08.2010

I just might regret this

Hey people! How's life? Why am I asking? Cause I really don't care. So as of right now I just might possibly have some bad news for anybody reading this. It gets worse if your a fanboy of a certain game series that doesn't appear to be ending any time soon...

So, recently I've picked up some games. One of these games include multiple other games with that game. A few of the games were great! Of course one of them was really short and weird... But moving on I played one game that I heard was really great. So I jumped into it with an eagerness to be apart of the greatness. After about 2 hours in I got pissed. Few months later I beat this game. To be honest I really liked the story and all but is something that matters more to me then a story. And that one thing is game play. And the game play to be was well rough.

This game was FPS and all and came with something of an auto lock-on for when firing in a vehicle. That is one thing that game me the most trouble. This system would lock on at the most stupid of times like when an enemy airship was directly above me and my gun couldn't aim directly up. I also had problems using the power system of this game.

The power was used for everything. By that I mean I used it for sprinting, oxygen when I was under water, and even a flashlight. Of course I started to wonder when flashlights stopped using their own batteries. But the energy bar for these uses was very short and drained pretty fast. It failed me at the worst of times. At one time I was trying to run for cover and I used the energy to sprint. I only got a good 6 or 7 steps out of it before the energy was gone and I was killed a few seconds later.

One thing in this game that made me happy was the difficulty. It was kinda hard. I was in fact shocked and wasn't prepared for that at the beginning. Which of course resulted in a lot of dying and aggravation. But I was also shocked at how bad the shielding system was. Actually I was shocked by the shielding system completely. I never did expect that at first. But of course no real time regeneration, and a recharge station every couple of loading screens I suppose it worked out pretty well. But the shields did go away pretty fast after a while. At least the game had health packs everywhere. It also seemed to me in this game that the enemy had much more powerful weapons then I had. Where it to me almost an entire clip to kill somebody with a headshot, it took the NPCs 2 or 3 shots. Maybe it had something to do with the difficulty I'm not sure. It was pretty odd to me.

So I guess if you haven't figured it out by now I suppose I should tell you the name of this game I picked up a few years late. Of course before I do that I should prevent the thoughts I believe some people may have. Like for instance I am not complaining over difficulty. I enjoy hard games and usually skip normal or easy mode or sometimes hard mode. I beat Dante's Inferno on Insane. Got halfway through Ninja Gaiden 2 before I found another game that has stolen my attention..I should probably get back to that game. Also I do find these reasons to be semi-okay reason to dislike a game. I see there are problems with the reasons and I'm not entirely sure on how I can fix them.

So without to many more delays...This game I dislike but still will play till its over is titled

Half-Life 2 This includes each episode..

Thanks for reading! I will be awaiting harsh comments about how I suck at life.   read

2:12 PM on 05.20.2010

Dark side of...well us

Yes, we all know it. There is a dark evil side of this Destructoid community. I see it break out every time somebody does something slightly stupid or really stupid. But then there is times where people say that we in this supposedly friendly gaming say that all of us are well mannered and nice to people. When the ugly truth is that we are not. In fact I am one of the douche bags that love to point out when some moron screwed up even if it was just a tiny bit. Why? Because it makes me feel damn good about myself! Of course later I end up regretting it later with feelings of remorse that I claim not to have....

Google is damn good. Prove me wrong. I dare you..
Anyways I think I will do this in one of those good then "look at your failure!", kind of thing. So here is the good side of us in this one website. Look at the comments! Its the comments of the Good. I mean some person even said we love him. All he did was make a post about how the interwebs screwed with him and made him look sad. Oh and he likes mudkipz... Obviously Archeanthus has a good thing working around here. Him and his baby eating ways has left an imprint on some people's hearts. To be honest that kinda scared me. With that weird kind of fear that more or less freaks a person out rather then run off and hide behind the nearest coffee machine. And why would you choose a coffee machine anyways? I hate coffee..

Anyways getting of topic..

I see here that we here in this area are placing contradicting words to each other. I have two relatively close friends here that I go to school with. One made a pretty retarded blog post that looked like something that belonged in the forums. Yes, that whole thing there does not go to the forums and nor do I give a shit. But if you read the comments of that post you see how some of us mocked him and made him look like a total moron..which granted he sometimes can be one but that is besides the point...kinda. But seriously, All TriEdge333 was asking for some simple gaming advice. Forums or not he was reaching out to the community and looking for help, and a little over ten people shot him down. I saw that and honestly felt a little downed over what happened there. What was the harm with the short post? I mean there are so many other really short blogs that state or ask something that can obviously go into the forums. Remember behind this wall of text, the avatar, usernames, gamertags, and friend codes we all are human. With us being human that means we will fuck shit TriEdge did here a while back.(I have no idea when in hell he posted that anyways.)

But do we really need to ridicule people for making mistakes we may one day make ourselves? What other accomplishment does that get us? I'm pretty sure is makes enemies of some people and that stuff ends badly..Like your dog took a shit on your mom's good china badly, or your mom took a shit on your good dog badly. And I know I don't like that kind of bad.......   read

8:27 PM on 05.18.2010

I don't get it...(random rant that won't make sense)

I'm just gonna get it out of the way now and thank you for even reading the first sentence of my blog. Your thoughts are valued because... well... I don't even care now...

Oh...Random Rant that probably makes no sense warning is now in effect.

Anyways, there is something I just can never understand. I hear a lot about problems with the latest game consoles. The Xbox 360 and its Red Ring. As for the PS3...well nothing very specific. I've heard peoples hard drives burn out or some other weird system failure. But these two systems are the top of the market consoles. Sony and Microsoft junkies always argue about which is better even though they both have weird hard ware problems. Now there is Nintendo with their good old Nintendo Wii.What the hell is up with that? Well the thing is don't really hear any complaints about the Wii's hardware going off the charts. In fact its not even a very popular console compared to the 360 and PS3. How does any of this make sense?

The Xbox 360.

Lets look at this thing. The Microsoft Xbox 360. The problem with this thing is the Red Ring of Death. The 360 has some pretty nice games. Its controller fits the hand very nicely. Hell I love the achievement system. But this one single malfunction seems to just be a large thorn in the backside of those who own it. The Red Ring can usually go off for multiple reasons. The most general reason is a hardware failure. Something I noticed is that the hardware failure happens usually after the warranty of the system expires. That seems odd to me. Microsoft already has their Xbox Live scam working around the clock. But now I hear that my Xbox has a chance of breaking down in another two years of use? This just doesn't add up at all. But once the system does suffer from a malfunction Microsoft will fix it but that takes about two weeks. That's two weeks of game time missing from what could be an already busy schedule. This system is obviously better then the Wii. To that there is almost no competition but still I don't understand how the Wii has no problems.

The Playstation 3.

Okay I don't have a PS3 at the moment so I'm not really up to date on the problems of the system. In fact I usually hear good things about it. Its got much better hardware then the Xbox, and its potential on graphics is outstanding. Ultimately I really would love to have a PS3 over my Xbox. But I've heard a few times about a hard drive failure in the PS3. Dammit Sony, just when it started to look like they were getting a better edge over Microsoft I hear about this. Of course this Hard drive problem for what I've heard happens at random times and not after some warranty expires so it doesn't seem so bad. But then again the PS3 did at one point cost a little over $500 in U.S currency, but then again the price has drastically dropped and I don't hear as much about the hard drive or other problems..even though some xbox junkies still tell me the PS3 has crappy online servers. Nothing I would know about but oh well.

The Wii

Yeah here it is. I hear nothing bad about this system other then the crappy graphics and games. The problem with that thought is that graphics don't make games, game play does. Graphics are just more of a bonus pack with the game. Also the Wii has some pretty good games like Metroid Prime 3, or Super Mario Galaxy, but the Wii (from my knowledge) hasn't had any hardware failures at all. Well I've looked inside my Wii recently and I think I realized why. Inside the Wii in a small crackdown is a disc drive and a couple of wires stacked onto a motherboard. Its so damn simple. Why is it that this simple system does not have a single hardware failure in it? Probably because it has no hardware in it at all.

Anyways, like I said in the warning..this is pretty much some random rant. I just wish something here could make even a little sense. But this is how I see this:

1. The Xbox 360: has good games for the most part, best chance for hardware failure
2. The PS3: Wide variety of games, many good games, Hardware failure isn't as much of a problem.
3. The Wii: Small selection of games, Motion Control, I think no hardware failures at all.   read

11:53 PM on 04.04.2010

Things I hold close and for thought.

If you don't care about what I may hold dear to me you may take your leave now because this won't be for you. If you are kind enough to read on and hold some interest I thank you.

Earlier today I was roaming through one of the many chat rooms I visit on a weekly schedule. (I actively RP a bit >.>) Today when I got into my favorite room there was one of those annoying assholes who believe they know everything. I of course got into an argument with him when he tried to play a guilt card and make me feel bad for him because he was in the hospital. I being partially heartless took no notice to this because I don't regularly feel guilt. But a little bit after that he asked a question that hit straight home and made me think. I really think he meant to say is that I was so pathetic and worthless that I have nothing I hold of value or nothing I care about. I could care less how he meant it because I only though of what I do care about and hold dear to my heart.

Now that there is the foundation of what this is about.

So below is a small list of things I really do care about. And if that certain person I got into an argument with is read(no idea if he is on Destructoid or not but I don't care) this is my answer to your question.

1. The female

Yeah, no picture for this one because I don't know if she would approve or not. But about a year ago from this day this list would probably be a little different. But a lot changes in a year and the things I cared about just so happened to be one of them. So as I said a year ago I cared about different things but ever since I met my wonderful girlfriend Shelby, I have become a changed person. Yes, She does know that I am a rough gamer. She even fuels my hobby by buying me games on special days like my birthday or other holidays. I really do love this girl and hold her above all else. Shelby is my world and my love and I don't care if I don't get another game because as long as I have her I will be happy. Okay enough about the estrogen I need to move on.

[color=brown]2. My computer[/color]

Not this one but close enough
Okay so I can't be a total loser as long as I care about something that actually is alive right? Well I hope so because the next thing I care about is my computer. Well to start I kinda had to buy a pre-built from Dell. Its the XPS Studio computer. Not made for gaming at all. It came with a core i5, 6 Gigs of RAM and a ATi 4350 graphics card. Now when I lost my laptop which was a Toshiba Satalite I almost cried. I love my computer. Its very important to me. When I lost that laptop(only other gaming thing I had was my Wii with no good games =[ ) I felt horrible. I pleaded with my parents to get me a new computer. Anything would have done so I can have my games back. I awoke Christmas morning thinking I have gotten nothing to wake up for to find a new Dell desktop sitting on the floor and a copy of Dragon Age: Origins. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. Since thin I have replaced the graphics card on in the computer and placed it in a new tower. I treat my computer as if it were a king. I clean it out every month. I don't let it get to hot. I almost offered it half my lunch before I realized once again that it wasn't living...Okay next!

3. My Gamerscore

Yes, The next thing I care about is my Xbox 360 gamerscore. Its over there to the side somewhere on my gamercard. But I haven't updated it recently. I have now exactly 5,000 gamerscore. My Xbox just isn't close enough to my hard-wire connector yet. But this is something I can't exactly brag about with my friends because well they all have a higher gamerscore then me. But I'm getting close. I even take a pciture of it each time I have an exact number last time I had exactly 4,000 I couldn't drop it for a week I think.. I forget. But well that is another thing I care deeply about. Even if it isn't living.

4. Friends

I have a cat like that..He is black. He is a cat...He is my bestest buddy!!!!

Okay so it is low on the list. But I'm not exactly holding this in an exact order. But I do hold Number 1 above all else. But anyways my friends are important to me. Yes, they are annoying and retarded and just seem to piss me off like there is no tomorrow like my friend Andrew(Like when he pretty much uses me for his homework and then leave me alone), and some of them are freaking awesome like my buds AJ, Nate, Jamar,Nick and Mike(Some of them might be reading this later so I figured I would make a special mention). I have great friends. I will not deny it. I care about most of them. There are some I wish would die in a hold sometimes..Yeah, I have no names for that but still my friends hold some value in my dark empty heart. I would gladly try to save a few of them if they were caught up in some life threatening situation...Just not Logan or Sam..Okay I would help Logan and Sam as well. But Skitz man will die for sure. Anyways I love hanging out with my friends. It is pretty much the best point of my day. Hanging out with my friends before classes start in school, at lunch, after school in the weight room(I'm weak don't worry), Or being at one of their houses to hang out or LAN. My friends are the best...Okay I'm done talking about living things...sorta

My games

Note: This is also not my collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, It is last on this list of things that holds no really specific order. My collection of video games. Right now its small. Why? Well, I have two younger brothers who are total assholes and steal my games. Eventually they get destroyed from them not taking care of my games. But either way I love my games as well. They provide me with hours of entertainment. Along with filling me with frustration and emotion...some of the time. Yes, I have some games that piss me off to no extent but my games are always there when I need them.   read

9:00 PM on 03.23.2010

3D gaming

Yeah here it is. I wanna talk about it since I was discussing it a few nights ago with my cousins. This little blog will be about 3D in our games. Yes I did see that Nintendo is working on such a thing for a portable system. I will probably get over to that in one of the few lines below. But until that point I have this. (side-note: probably won't be long at all and probably no pictures =\ sorry )

Well here it is. I don't like 3D. Not in movies, not in games, not even in life!.....Okay maybe a little in life. But anyways I first saw the Avatar in 3D. That was the first 3D movie I saw in a theater. When I left and everybody else was in shock and awe with the look of excitement on their face I was arguing with somebody on how I wasted my money on the damned 3D glasses. While watching a movie in 3D I remained completely aware of the plastic frame around my head and I didn't really see much of the world of Pandora like I would have liked to.

Moving on from there is the fact that Nintendo or well any game company believes that 3D in a game would be a great idea. I really don't like it. Even if I didn't have to wear the stupid glasses while playing the game it would still feel...dare I say not right? I'm 17 and still in school and I like to sit in the middle of class playing my DS or PSP without the teacher noticing. With 3D that becomes pretty hard to do if it is all done correctly. Also i like to see the flat screen knowing that my characters are intangible. When things get 3D I get weird. I start to think things like "Hmm I wounder if I can just steal a pokeball from the pack and use it on the pokemon while its busy paying attention to my character." or better yet I would start to think "I wonder if I could just stabbed this evil dude now and solve many problems and hard ships in the future."...That is correct I would end up thinking these things. Why?( Yes, I know your asking that.) Because I am an idiot who thinks things like that. No, I'm not a complete moron who has no idea what I'm talking about. This is how i feel about 3D gaming.

That's about all this is so thanks for reading people.

Felt bad for not adding a picture so heres a Panda!
=D   read

7:38 PM on 03.12.2010

Pokemon: Typhlosion

I don't exactly understand why there are all of these pokemon blogs all of the sudden but I figured I would join in the fun. And that if they are about which is the best pokemon they wrong by my opinion.

The best pokemon ever has to be Cyndaquil's final evolved form Typhlosion.

Reason: Flame Wheel

That is all.   read

4:13 PM on 03.07.2010

Wii: The ultimate gaming system!

Okay so I have been hearing a lot of things about the Nintendo Wii not being a gaming system. Well, I have come up with five of what I think to be valid reasons for why the Wii is the ultimate gaming system. These reasons are obviously posted below.

Reason 1. The Wii is a family system.

Yes that's right the Wii is for everybody to enjoy. In most picture you see a bunch of people smiling and playing their Wii. Also you know what? They are all happy! Four different people playing some fun game on the Wii. They aren't playing Call of Duty or MAG and getting pissed because some sniper obviously did not kill them even though the game says he did. No that doesn't happen on a Wii. Everybody is happy and laughs when they lose. So that means nobody will throw their Wii-mote or other swingy thingy and break something in anger.

Reason 2. It was the first system to have Motion Sensor.
Great project Natal? Obviously Microsoft getting jealous at the Wii's Motion technology. The Wii was the first to have their motion tech and there for everybody else who does it is just stealing their idea and claiming it for their own. I mean they only came up with the idea after the Wii had come out. I say those other company's should grab a new idea and not rip off Nintendo.

Reason 3.Its made by Nintendo.

Okay everybody knows that if Nintendo but their logo on dirt or a pile of shit somebody would pay millions for it. Nintendo is the greatest of all companies. Its just a fact. If you tell me you don't like Nintendo your lying. No options on that. Nintendo owns all gaming companies and the people in them....

Reason 4. It can be hacked easily.

Yes that's right the Wii is hackable. Not only that be then it can be used to play Earthbound! Earthbound the pinnacle of all games. Once you can play that on the Wii you will then realize why the Wii is the ultimate gaming system. It will smack you in the face like a pimp does to his whores and it will hurt. Why? Well because, you will realize how weak your Xbox or PS3 is compared to this amazing system.

Reason 5. Wii prints monies!

Wii Prints the monies. Enough said.   read

7:44 PM on 03.01.2010

Oh Hi there!

Okay well......this is well obviously my first blog post on here ever so yes I am nervous a little cause I almost have no idea how much I should type for this damned thing. Oh well, here goes nothing...
Yeah I am semi-new to all of this, I have been browsing around DToid for a while and now I racked up the courage to make a blog entry thing! I am younger then most gamers of this era or at least I think so but I still have most of the systems ever made. Yes that means I have the Atari...if that's special or anything I wouldn't know anymore sadly. Now all I use is my 360 and PC for gaming. Which works pretty well since they are right next to each other in my room.

I figured I should start off my favorite list of games with something like this.....

If you do not know what that is right there I believe you are missing a very important part of life and should be trapped in a mental house...NOW! Why do I think that? Well that there is the Power Armour from the glorious game Fallout 3. This game has taken my life away from me time and time again. Seriously I started playing just yesterday again! I believe in my own opinion Fallout is hands down one of the best games ever made. I love watching the lone wanderer from vault 101 go on this completely insane mission to give people water..yes water! The poor person (if you choose so) can even sacrifice himself for the sake of giving the capitol wasteland this water which is an insanely noble thing to do and not to mention slightly crazy.

My next game on the list comes from one company who does not know the meaning of a short easy game. I have no clue what in hell your thinking of because I am thinking of the one and only Bioware and what game by Bioware well of course there are three I can choose from but I love the one that has the name of some animal I have taken an almost obsession to.

Dragons have taken up the rest of the life that I have that isn't already taken up by games, friends, and the only loved one who is held higher then games (not my mother!). So when I heard Bioware was making a game called Dragon age and found out there were dragons in it. I almost fainted. Then I found out you never control an actual dragon....i got pissy and still got the game. I have played through this game almost ten times now and am still not bored with it though. I dunno if that is sad or something to be proud of. But again its almost like Fallout. You got the one true Gray Warden (cause Alistars a damn pussy) who again can (if chosen to do so) sacrifice himself for the good of an entire nation! Now there will be an expansion released for this game not only that but a week after my birthday!

One final thing as well. Before I draw this what I say to be an okay first post that will probably be ridiculed until the end of time to an end. I feel like I must point out something I am again proud of. My birthday is Tuesday, March 9th this day is even more special to me because of one game. I really hope people reading this knows what that one game is because it is the first of its kind to not be a sony exclusive.

Yes, here it is the one Final Fantasy that will be on the Xbox 360 that also is released on my birthday. A game I shall have soon after my birthday or on the day of.

Yeah that is all I have to say about that well.....thanks for reading this semi-okay blog post of mine. Criticize me if you must for I am a noob and will admit my mistakes. But I am here now on DToid and hopefully will get better at this thing.   read

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