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Thundrice avatar 11:53 PM on 04.04.2010  (server time)
Things I hold close and for thought.

If you don't care about what I may hold dear to me you may take your leave now because this won't be for you. If you are kind enough to read on and hold some interest I thank you.

Earlier today I was roaming through one of the many chat rooms I visit on a weekly schedule. (I actively RP a bit >.>) Today when I got into my favorite room there was one of those annoying assholes who believe they know everything. I of course got into an argument with him when he tried to play a guilt card and make me feel bad for him because he was in the hospital. I being partially heartless took no notice to this because I don't regularly feel guilt. But a little bit after that he asked a question that hit straight home and made me think. I really think he meant to say is that I was so pathetic and worthless that I have nothing I hold of value or nothing I care about. I could care less how he meant it because I only though of what I do care about and hold dear to my heart.

Now that there is the foundation of what this is about.

So below is a small list of things I really do care about. And if that certain person I got into an argument with is read(no idea if he is on Destructoid or not but I don't care) this is my answer to your question.

1. The female

Yeah, no picture for this one because I don't know if she would approve or not. But about a year ago from this day this list would probably be a little different. But a lot changes in a year and the things I cared about just so happened to be one of them. So as I said a year ago I cared about different things but ever since I met my wonderful girlfriend Shelby, I have become a changed person. Yes, She does know that I am a rough gamer. She even fuels my hobby by buying me games on special days like my birthday or other holidays. I really do love this girl and hold her above all else. Shelby is my world and my love and I don't care if I don't get another game because as long as I have her I will be happy. Okay enough about the estrogen I need to move on.

[color=brown]2. My computer[/color]

Not this one but close enough
Okay so I can't be a total loser as long as I care about something that actually is alive right? Well I hope so because the next thing I care about is my computer. Well to start I kinda had to buy a pre-built from Dell. Its the XPS Studio computer. Not made for gaming at all. It came with a core i5, 6 Gigs of RAM and a ATi 4350 graphics card. Now when I lost my laptop which was a Toshiba Satalite I almost cried. I love my computer. Its very important to me. When I lost that laptop(only other gaming thing I had was my Wii with no good games =[ ) I felt horrible. I pleaded with my parents to get me a new computer. Anything would have done so I can have my games back. I awoke Christmas morning thinking I have gotten nothing to wake up for to find a new Dell desktop sitting on the floor and a copy of Dragon Age: Origins. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. Since thin I have replaced the graphics card on in the computer and placed it in a new tower. I treat my computer as if it were a king. I clean it out every month. I don't let it get to hot. I almost offered it half my lunch before I realized once again that it wasn't living...Okay next!

3. My Gamerscore

Yes, The next thing I care about is my Xbox 360 gamerscore. Its over there to the side somewhere on my gamercard. But I haven't updated it recently. I have now exactly 5,000 gamerscore. My Xbox just isn't close enough to my hard-wire connector yet. But this is something I can't exactly brag about with my friends because well they all have a higher gamerscore then me. But I'm getting close. I even take a pciture of it each time I have an exact number last time I had exactly 4,000 I couldn't drop it for a week I think.. I forget. But well that is another thing I care deeply about. Even if it isn't living.

4. Friends

I have a cat like that..He is black. He is a cat...He is my bestest buddy!!!!

Okay so it is low on the list. But I'm not exactly holding this in an exact order. But I do hold Number 1 above all else. But anyways my friends are important to me. Yes, they are annoying and retarded and just seem to piss me off like there is no tomorrow like my friend Andrew(Like when he pretty much uses me for his homework and then leave me alone), and some of them are freaking awesome like my buds AJ, Nate, Jamar,Nick and Mike(Some of them might be reading this later so I figured I would make a special mention). I have great friends. I will not deny it. I care about most of them. There are some I wish would die in a hold sometimes..Yeah, I have no names for that but still my friends hold some value in my dark empty heart. I would gladly try to save a few of them if they were caught up in some life threatening situation...Just not Logan or Sam..Okay I would help Logan and Sam as well. But Skitz man will die for sure. Anyways I love hanging out with my friends. It is pretty much the best point of my day. Hanging out with my friends before classes start in school, at lunch, after school in the weight room(I'm weak don't worry), Or being at one of their houses to hang out or LAN. My friends are the best...Okay I'm done talking about living things...sorta

My games

Note: This is also not my collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, It is last on this list of things that holds no really specific order. My collection of video games. Right now its small. Why? Well, I have two younger brothers who are total assholes and steal my games. Eventually they get destroyed from them not taking care of my games. But either way I love my games as well. They provide me with hours of entertainment. Along with filling me with frustration and emotion...some of the time. Yes, I have some games that piss me off to no extent but my games are always there when I need them.

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