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Thundrice avatar 8:27 PM on 05.18.2010  (server time)
I don't get it...(random rant that won't make sense)

I'm just gonna get it out of the way now and thank you for even reading the first sentence of my blog. Your thoughts are valued because... well... I don't even care now...

Oh...Random Rant that probably makes no sense warning is now in effect.

Anyways, there is something I just can never understand. I hear a lot about problems with the latest game consoles. The Xbox 360 and its Red Ring. As for the PS3...well nothing very specific. I've heard peoples hard drives burn out or some other weird system failure. But these two systems are the top of the market consoles. Sony and Microsoft junkies always argue about which is better even though they both have weird hard ware problems. Now there is Nintendo with their good old Nintendo Wii.What the hell is up with that? Well the thing is don't really hear any complaints about the Wii's hardware going off the charts. In fact its not even a very popular console compared to the 360 and PS3. How does any of this make sense?

The Xbox 360.

Lets look at this thing. The Microsoft Xbox 360. The problem with this thing is the Red Ring of Death. The 360 has some pretty nice games. Its controller fits the hand very nicely. Hell I love the achievement system. But this one single malfunction seems to just be a large thorn in the backside of those who own it. The Red Ring can usually go off for multiple reasons. The most general reason is a hardware failure. Something I noticed is that the hardware failure happens usually after the warranty of the system expires. That seems odd to me. Microsoft already has their Xbox Live scam working around the clock. But now I hear that my Xbox has a chance of breaking down in another two years of use? This just doesn't add up at all. But once the system does suffer from a malfunction Microsoft will fix it but that takes about two weeks. That's two weeks of game time missing from what could be an already busy schedule. This system is obviously better then the Wii. To that there is almost no competition but still I don't understand how the Wii has no problems.

The Playstation 3.

Okay I don't have a PS3 at the moment so I'm not really up to date on the problems of the system. In fact I usually hear good things about it. Its got much better hardware then the Xbox, and its potential on graphics is outstanding. Ultimately I really would love to have a PS3 over my Xbox. But I've heard a few times about a hard drive failure in the PS3. Dammit Sony, just when it started to look like they were getting a better edge over Microsoft I hear about this. Of course this Hard drive problem for what I've heard happens at random times and not after some warranty expires so it doesn't seem so bad. But then again the PS3 did at one point cost a little over $500 in U.S currency, but then again the price has drastically dropped and I don't hear as much about the hard drive or other problems..even though some xbox junkies still tell me the PS3 has crappy online servers. Nothing I would know about but oh well.

The Wii

Yeah here it is. I hear nothing bad about this system other then the crappy graphics and games. The problem with that thought is that graphics don't make games, game play does. Graphics are just more of a bonus pack with the game. Also the Wii has some pretty good games like Metroid Prime 3, or Super Mario Galaxy, but the Wii (from my knowledge) hasn't had any hardware failures at all. Well I've looked inside my Wii recently and I think I realized why. Inside the Wii in a small crackdown is a disc drive and a couple of wires stacked onto a motherboard. Its so damn simple. Why is it that this simple system does not have a single hardware failure in it? Probably because it has no hardware in it at all.

Anyways, like I said in the warning..this is pretty much some random rant. I just wish something here could make even a little sense. But this is how I see this:

1. The Xbox 360: has good games for the most part, best chance for hardware failure
2. The PS3: Wide variety of games, many good games, Hardware failure isn't as much of a problem.
3. The Wii: Small selection of games, Motion Control, I think no hardware failures at all.

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