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So lets see here, I love anime and gaming. I've got both and Xbox 360 and a PC for gaming but i usually only use my PC. I have a small obsession with dragons..My imagination runs rampant with them. I could spend days thinking of things to do with dragons and all other mythical things.

Oh I also have a Nintendo DS Lite and Wii..one of which is barely used. I'm still into Pokemon and some other things considered childish....
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2:12 PM on 05.20.2010

Yes, we all know it. There is a dark evil side of this Destructoid community. I see it break out every time somebody does something slightly stupid or really stupid. But then there is times where people say that we in this supposedly friendly gaming say that all of us are well mannered and nice to people. When the ugly truth is that we are not. In fact I am one of the douche bags that love to point out when some moron screwed up even if it was just a tiny bit. Why? Because it makes me feel damn good about myself! Of course later I end up regretting it later with feelings of remorse that I claim not to have....

Google is damn good. Prove me wrong. I dare you..
Anyways I think I will do this in one of those good then "look at your failure!", kind of thing. So here is the good side of us in this one website. Look at the comments! Its the comments of the Good. I mean some person even said we love him. All he did was make a post about how the interwebs screwed with him and made him look sad. Oh and he likes mudkipz... Obviously Archeanthus has a good thing working around here. Him and his baby eating ways has left an imprint on some people's hearts. To be honest that kinda scared me. With that weird kind of fear that more or less freaks a person out rather then run off and hide behind the nearest coffee machine. And why would you choose a coffee machine anyways? I hate coffee..

Anyways getting of topic..

I see here that we here in this area are placing contradicting words to each other. I have two relatively close friends here that I go to school with. One made a pretty retarded blog post that looked like something that belonged in the forums. Yes, that whole thing there does not go to the forums and nor do I give a shit. But if you read the comments of that post you see how some of us mocked him and made him look like a total moron..which granted he sometimes can be one but that is besides the point...kinda. But seriously, All TriEdge333 was asking for some simple gaming advice. Forums or not he was reaching out to the community and looking for help, and a little over ten people shot him down. I saw that and honestly felt a little downed over what happened there. What was the harm with the short post? I mean there are so many other really short blogs that state or ask something that can obviously go into the forums. Remember behind this wall of text, the avatar, usernames, gamertags, and friend codes we all are human. With us being human that means we will fuck shit up..sometimes..like TriEdge did here a while back.(I have no idea when in hell he posted that anyways.)

But do we really need to ridicule people for making mistakes we may one day make ourselves? What other accomplishment does that get us? I'm pretty sure is makes enemies of some people and that stuff ends badly..Like your dog took a shit on your mom's good china badly, or your mom took a shit on your good dog badly. And I know I don't like that kind of bad.......
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