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Been gaming since the NES days. I remember computers, before the internet. My motivation to learn how to read was to play Final Fantasy. Games have, wonderfully, helped shape my life. I love games, history, writing and discussion. Pursuing that is the goal.

I've played games on Nintendo consoles for most of my life, but PC gaming opened up to me in the mid-90's. Current platforms: Wii U, 3DS, Steam. Typically playing: backlog of retro games.

We live in interesting times. I can't wait to see where the industry goes next.
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     Considering Nintendo is discontinuing of their Wi-Fi network, I began thinking about things that may have a life span within Nintendo's online framework. We have already seen glimmers of this before. TMNT, the Donkey Kong Country SNES games, the once available Commodore 64 library on the Virtual Console are now not available. If you did have them on your Wii, and you used the system transfer tool on the Wii U, you've effectively lost those games.

     So here is the point. Below, is a list of VC games that I own. What classics am I missing? What weird, quirky game is worth a couple of bucks? Open to all suggestions, I'm just covering my bases now.

Balloon Fight
Castlevania II
Castlevania III
Donkey Kong
Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros 3
Bubble Bobble
River City Random
Double Dragon 2
Star Tropics
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden III

Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Chrono Trigger
Secret of Mana
Super Mario RPG
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Super Street Fighter II
Super Turrican
Castlevania IV
Contra III
Harvest Moon
Kirby Super Star
Kirby's Dreamland 3
Super Punch-Out!
Super Metroid
Super Mario World
Zelda: Link to the Past

Sonic 3
Phantasy Star IV
Phantasy Star II
Streets of Rage 2
Shinobi III
Gunstar Heroes

   Turbo Grax-16
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Bomberman '93
Ninja Spirit
Lords of Thunder

   Neo Geo
Metal Slug
Metal Slug 3

Super Smash Bros
Mario Kart 64
Paper Mario
1080 Snowboarding
Starfox 64
F-Zero X
Zelda: Majora's Mask
Pokemon Snap
Sin & Punishment
Wave Race 64

Mega Man 9
Mega Man 10
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
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