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11:03 AM on 07.27.2007

Marc Rein says Bungie hurt themselves at E3

CVG caught up with Marc who told them that Bungie did more damage than good by showing off the single player of Halo 3.

"Halo 3 didn't win any game of the show awards that I could see. Well, because they didn't have to show Halo. There was no need".

Marc goes on to say that Bungie didn't have to show off Halo 3 because... It's FREAKIN Halo 3! It doesn't need any advertising because it's going to sell 10 billion copies anyway.

"I'm sure if they'd actually had a big Halo 3 presence, if Microsoft had set up eight machines or 12 or 16 machines so you could sit and play it, it would have won all kinds of awards. But they don't need to because, like me, everyone's already placed their order... So I think that worked against them at E3,"

In my opinion I feel Halo cannot hurt itself. If Master Chief's suit in Halo 3 had the Nazi Emblem than maybe but there's nothing that can stop the Halo 3 money train.

Chocolate Rein is the VP for Epic Games. Oh yeah I went there.   read

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