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Threepwood's blog

10:18 AM on 05.30.2008

Islamic Extremists using Fallout 3 concept art

I just noticed this article linked off the drudge report: Seems that this Fallout 3 concept image was posted on an extremist website yesterday, yet the authors of this article apparently don't know what this image is from. I guess Bethesda should be proud that their art is so realistic.   read

10:59 AM on 02.06.2008

New Mass Effect DLC Announced

"To date, over 1.6 million gamers have explored the engaging sci-fi universe of Mass Effect. Beginning on March 10, fans everywhere will be able to expand the “Mass Effect” experience with the release of the first ever downlo...   read

11:44 AM on 12.07.2007

Aquaria out today - indie games ftw Just wanted to remind everyone that Aquaria is coming out on PC today (I think there is going to be a demo). The game is in the MetroidVania vein *ahem* Game looks absolutely stunning and seems like it may set a new benchmark for indie games (which are a great thing to support).   read

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