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Thornnn avatar 8:55 PM on 07.26.2010  (server time)
Splinter Cell 2 pack for The $9.99 review

So I was at my local Fred Meyers and was looking for a "pass the time" type game on the discount rack I had heard a little about Splinter Cell and the 2 pack of Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow & Stealth Action Redefined was only $9.99 The Gamer girl behind the counter said it wasn't worth the full price but it was probably worth the only $10 price. So far I have to agree with her. The Game mechanics are a bit stiff and it is not very engrossing I really can't get past the fact that I can't pick up bullets or guns from people I've killed or the fact that I sometimes just have to stumble across things I can interact with, It does have some good points though and is a good time waster game I like the fact that I can quick save at any point and go right back there When you have 3 small children this is a game feature that you tend to use often and learn to appreciate immensely. the key board lay out is good and fully customizable if you don't like the factory settings. The voice of Michael Ironside lends a quality to this game it would not otherwise have. I Haven't started the second game yet and I wonder if there will be any changes. I know this is an old game but I figure there are so many games out there that there have got to be people like me that like to occasionally pick up older titles that they missed and try them out. Because of the game save feature and the fact that the game is broken up into small segments during the levels this is a good game for when your wasting time or waiting for a bus Ect.. It is defiantly worth the $9.99 (Or probably cheaper if your not in Alaska.) It's by Ubisoft by the way in case this makes a difference to you.

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