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Thornnn's blog

12:31 PM on 06.18.2015

It's been Awhile

I havn't been here in a few years so I thought that I would check in. I love you guys!!   read

10:15 PM on 08.05.2010

Halo 2600

Have you played this yet. It's a great little time waster. I wish I would have thought of it.   read

8:55 PM on 07.26.2010

Splinter Cell 2 pack for The $9.99 review

So I was at my local Fred Meyers and was looking for a "pass the time" type game on the discount rack I had heard a little about Splinter Cell and the 2 pack of Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow & Stealth Action Redefined was on...   read

9:37 PM on 01.22.2009

Finally pics of the new one and an article that scared the Mt Dew outta me. This is an Article that may make me quit drinking soda altogether I found it because I was curious about one of the ingredients in my favorite beverage. Now...   read

1:05 AM on 10.28.2008

New Kid on the Block !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! All thanks for the words of support those of you who commented on my last blog. My new boy is Beautiful. Richard Raymond Duke was born at 10:15am. He is 6lbs10onces and 20.5 inches long I forgot to bring my camera home today so I will post some pics tomorrow of my new little gamer. Thanks Again D-toid you are all like family to me.   read

8:05 AM on 10.27.2008

Gonna be a new Daddy again in a couple of hours.

I Have a 3 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. I have already them started down the path of PC gaming via sites like Fisherprice My daughter especially loves the memory type games and asks to play them by herself now When...   read

8:08 AM on 10.17.2008

Phunny foto Phriday

OMG I so need more collars. Remind you of some forum posters? This ones for Ron. You think it'll work? Reminds me of my Ex for some reason. Good dog. I lol'ed Reminds me of Cheburga for some reason. As Always a couple of vids to enjoy also.   read

3:47 PM on 10.07.2008

Phunny photo'es

What Real BIKER CHICKS LOOK LIKE Just reminds me of something Mr. Workman would do to someone after they have passed out. To many drivers new drivers lately. Why was I never this lucky as a child? can you ever be to dedicated to your favorite video game? Old but still Funny More Stupid people   read

3:22 PM on 06.06.2008

Funny foto phriday with wet t-shirt video ending.


11:40 AM on 05.03.2008

Funny Photo Phriday Super Saturday Edition ( Photos that remind me of Ron Workman)

This reminds me of an old Swedish couple I once knew and Ron. This one is just something I would expect to find in Ron's suitcase when he travels. Ron's pool party. Ron gets Namlessted to play Santa. I just think Ron...   read

4:43 PM on 04.25.2008

Phunny foto Phriday the video game addiction addition.

I loled. I wanna buy my wife these. Admit it we've all done this with various controllers and drinks. The cake is a lie. I always plan ahead sometimes. This is just sexy. No videos today youtube is being a bitch and I have to get to work. I hope you enjoy.   read

5:48 PM on 04.18.2008

Phunny Foto Phriday ( The sex edition)

If your a homophobe you suck. This is what happens when you marry. I Left him with Ron for one week and this is what happens. For educational purposes only. It really works! Rons Easter party don't ask me where the Elf came from. And Now some videos   read

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