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Thomas Sapateiro's blog

4:19 PM on 11.20.2010

Resurrection of a Salesman.

Alright, My first blog.. Let's start with an introduction:

My name is Tom, I'm 23 years old and am currently a TeleSales Representative.
I've been a gaming enthusiast since the tender age of 4, ever since my parents blessed me with a NES, Mario 3 included. Ever since that beautifull red light started shining, it was clear. My life would be paved with videogames.

My interest in videogames kept growing and growing, up untill the point that an interest became a fascination, not just with the product, but with the market as a whole. My goal was clear. I was to get a job in the gaming industry and contribute to the market that has given me so many hours of enjoyment and to meet as many of the people that I've come to admire over the years.

The reason why I'm writing this blog, and the ones to follow, is that I've been asked to prove myself worth of being manager for a relative unknown gaming site. Seeing that there have been a lot of Bloggers who have been very succesfull doing just that, Blogging, I thought this would be a perfect way of sharing my experiences as a Salesman to the job of my dreams.

If you want to know how it turns out, and what steps I'll take in the road to succes (hopefully), follow me on Facebook and leave comments below. I'll do my best to reply to all.




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