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First Post!

Hi. I'm just curious how this thing works. :) I'm embedding an image That's some goofy ass thing I cooked up in CorelDraw for shits and giggles. And a YouTube video That's a demo I threw together of one of the interfaces I use at www.gamewith.us to make it easier for me to add games to the database. That sucker saves me a ton of time. :)


About ThomWone of us since 8:57 PM on 12.21.2006

http://www.gamewith.us/ is my new community-based gaming web site. Sign up and share your Wii Friend codes, Nintendo DS codes, Xbox Live Gamertags, and connection info for hundreds of other PC, Xbox 360, Sony PSP and PS3 games so you can connect with your friends online.

It's cool stuff. I promise.

If you have an Amazon Wish List, you should be using http://www.wishlistbuddy.com/ to save money on the stuff you have listed on it. WishlistBuddy lets you create an alert for each item on your Amazon Wish List, and when the item hits your desired price, you get an email letting you know. I also created a Greasemonkey script so that you can create/edit price alerts without leaving Amazon!

http://www.lmnopc.com/ is my personal site. Go there and check out my game, Disasteroids 3D

http://www.uncompressed.org/ is the tech/gaming podcast I do weekly with my buddy Tony Nilles

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